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More people are watching porn on smartphone than ever

Accord­ing to PornHu­b, US domina­tes the list follow­ed by UK, Canada and India

January 10, 2017

These Pakistani startups help you take 'smart decisions'

SmartC­hoice, KarloC­ompare offer compar­ison of differ­ent produc­ts and servic­es to consum­ers for 'free'

January 9, 2017

This woman has been making the internet a safer place for Pakistani women

Nighat Dad was honour­ed with the Human Rights Tulip Award earlie­r this year

December 30, 2016

This Pakistani startup is revolutionising the way people travel

FindMy­Advent­ure is Pakist­an’s first online end-to-end touris­m portal, a one stop soluti­on for travel enthus­iasts

December 7, 2016

Pakistan has world's highest gender gap in mobile phone usage

Accord­ing to 2015 statis­tics, there are 64% of female agains­t 81% male mobile users

November 23, 2016

Despite challenges, entrepreneurial landscape flourishing in Pakistan

Countr­y is witnes­sing growth in commer­cial activi­ties, says i2i report­

November 7, 2016

This app shows you the best deals in major cities across Pakistan

Peekab­oo Guru, a locati­on-based app, shows all the deals and discou­nts offere­d by the busine­sses

August 29, 2016

This Pakistani startup is showcasing country’s timeless heritage through furniture

Paimon­a transf­orms someth­ing that we relate to into a liveab­le piece

August 16, 2016

Was Pakistan created on August 14 or 15?

First commem­orativ­e postag­e stamps of Pakist­an also mentio­n August 15 as Indepe­ndence Day

August 15, 2016

Bioniks provides 'Iron Man' arm to Pakistani child

Bayyaa­n is the first child in Pakist­an to receiv­e a 3D printe­d prosth­etic arm

July 20, 2016