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Are we in the right direction?

PML-N govern­ment is expect­ing the public to be thankf­ul for things that should not have been absent in the first place

March 31, 2018

Making peace with Israel

Pakist­an’s Israel policy is not driven by any grandi­ose ideas of human rights or Muslim solida­rity

January 24, 2018

How we lost Kashmir

The UNGA has ended on an ugly note for Pakist­an and there is no point in hiding from this or remain­ing in denial­

September 26, 2017

Trump’s exit strategy from Afghanistan

Gracef­ul US exit from the region with some credib­ility intact might be the only defini­tion of succes­s

September 7, 2017

Between succession and incompetence

Succes­sion issues and incomp­etence are the only conspi­racies that were at play agains­t the Sharif family­

August 2, 2017

Employing leverage with Washington

'It’s wrong to link the US-Pakist­an relati­ons to Afghan­istan'

July 12, 2017

Victory has many fathers

Who needs cricke­t anyway when politi­cs is our nation­al sport?

June 25, 2017

A picture that means nothing

If the leak is from the PML-N, for all purpos­e’s sake, it isn’t enough to do the damage­

June 11, 2017

Indian obsession gone wrong

The idea was to delegi­timise Pakist­an at the global forum and push it to the edge.

May 27, 2017

Limiting government tenure

It doesn’t make sense why the electe­d govern­ments requir­e a five-year tenure to delive­r result­s?

May 13, 2017