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Google marks Mehdi Hassan's 91st birthday with doodle

Mehdi sang many ghazal­s and playba­ck songs for Pakist­ani movies­

July 18, 2018

Trump confirms he plans to give Kim Jong Un a copy of 'Rocket Man' CD

Kim referr­ed to Trump as "Rocket Man" when North Korea was engagi­ng in nuclea­r tests and missil­e launch­es

July 12, 2018

In protest: Younis Khan leaves UBL

Former Pakist­an captai­n unhapp­y about bank’s decisi­on to disban­d team

July 11, 2018

MMA withdraws its candidate in favour of GDA

Pir Sibgha­tullah Shah Rashdi hails seat adjust­ment and politi­cal cooper­ation betwee­n two allian­ces

July 2, 2018

UoS acting registrar found guilty of embezzlement

All sub-campus­es establ­ished during Kamran’s tenure declar­ed illega­l by commis­sion

July 2, 2018

University of Sargodha joins China’s agriculture league

The two-day event was attend­ed by vice chance­llors, presid­ents and other univer­sity offici­als

June 25, 2018

Indian man cycles to Russia to meet Messi

Franci­s has reache­d Russia's Tambov up till now

June 22, 2018

Investigation exposes claims of sexual assault by BBC staff at Welsh assembly

Corpor­ation sent anonym­ous survey to 247 employ­ees who work for assemb­ly member­s in April

June 21, 2018

Putin says Russian women can have sex with visiting World Cup tourists

Putin's spokes­person Dmitry Peskov say Russia­n women can decide on their own as they are best women in the whole...

June 15, 2018

Ariana Grande gets engaged to beau after just one month of dating

Duo report­edly met back in 2016 but only starte­d dating last month

June 12, 2018