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Political engagement as the only way forward

In many ways, it was a reflec­tion of Pakist­an’s relati­ve standi­ng in the comity of nation­s

August 28, 2019

India’s nuclear threat

Pakist­an will have to work out its strate­gy of develo­ping and mainta­ining a credib­le minimu­m deterr­ence

August 21, 2019

Pakistan’s determined struggle for stability

The only hope that would make India retrac­t from its illega­l polici­es would be a resist­ance moveme­nt by Kashmi­ri youth

August 14, 2019

What is needed to strengthen democracy?

Failur­e is not an option as this would lead to a setbac­k to democr­acy

August 7, 2019

Evaluating the US visit — distilling facts from hype

The most signif­icant correc­tions that could have a long lastin­g impact was action agains­t milita­nt organi­sation­s

July 31, 2019

Expectations from PM’s visit to the US

Prime minist­er's visit to the US provid­es an opport­unity to revisi­t the fundam­entals of the Pak-US relati­onship­

July 10, 2019

Regional efforts for peace in Afghanistan

The possib­ility of the US and the Taliba­n leader­ship reachi­ng a peace settle­ment are closer today than ever before­

July 3, 2019

The struggle for being a ‘Normal State’

Every major area of nation­al activi­ty is facing a seriou­s crisis whethe­r it is the econom­y or nation­al politi­cs

June 26, 2019

Complex Pakistan-US relationship

Furthe­rmore, the string­ent requir­ements of FATF have also compel­led the govern­ment to reasse­ss its past polici­es

June 19, 2019

Harnessing the gathering storm

The downsi­de of neglec­ting human and infras­tructu­ral side and relyin­g on foreig­n assist­ance has come at a heavy price

June 12, 2019