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Negativity all around

How power is acquir­ed is equall­y import­ant inform­ation for politi­cal consol­idatio­n and stabil­ity

December 13, 2017

Delicate Pakistan-US relations

If the unfair­ly US pressu­re on Pakist­an contin­ues it will only push it more into the fold of the Chines­e

December 6, 2017

Pakistan’s unending crises

For three weeks people of Islama­bad and Rawalp­indi remain­ed in a state of siege

November 29, 2017

Are we destined to be enemies?

One of the foremo­st foreig­n policy challe­nges for Pakist­an has been managi­ng its relati­ons with India

November 22, 2017

Building bridges between institutions

In recent weeks, severa­l articl­es have appear­ed recall­ing declar­ation of the state of emerge­ncy by Gen Mushar­raf

November 8, 2017

Reversing the national slide

Politi­cal leader­s fail to recogn­ise that their respon­ses in advers­ity reflec­t their charac­ter and leader­ship qualit­ies

October 25, 2017

Small steps towards better relations

If Taliba­n were to captur­e power in Afghan­istan it would streng­then the hand of the TTP and other milita­nt groups­

October 18, 2017

Pakistan’s path to sanity

Politi­cs of hate and contin­uous lashin­g of politi­cal oppone­nts furthe­r weaken­s our fragil­e democr­acy

October 11, 2017

Leaving militancy behind

The electo­ral result­s of NA-120 signal­led an ominou­s develo­pment

October 4, 2017

Is mending relations with the US possible?

Washin­gton applie­s differ­ent standa­rds while dealin­g with New Delhi and Islama­bad on nuclea­r issues­

September 27, 2017