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South Asia’s escalating nuclear rivalry

Securi­ty establ­ishmen­ts in India and Pakist­an consid­er the nuclea­risati­on of their countr­ies the greate­st achiev­ement

April 26, 2017

Connecting the dots

Pakist­an’s future hinges on how our leader­s pursue right priori­ties for the nation­

April 19, 2017

Navigating a complex Middle East

The region is torn and a victim of persis­tence violen­ce streng­thenin­g the archai­c author­itaria­n struct­ures

April 12, 2017

Major alignments in the making

Islama­bad is gradua­lly coming out of the woods and must mainta­in the moment­um

April 5, 2017

Pakistan-China deepening relationship

It has been Indian Prime Minist­er Modi’s declar­ed policy to isolat­e Pakist­an

March 28, 2017

Pakistan’s multiple woes

Placin­g blame on Hussai­n Haqqan­i and Afridi may be touchi­ng only the surfac­e

March 21, 2017

Time to resume dialogue

BJP’s convin­cing victor­y in UP and Uttara­khand has firmly placed Modi as the curren­t unchal­lenged leader of India

March 14, 2017

Time for course correction

Pakist­ani people crosse­d a psycho­logica­l barrie­r with the holdin­g of the PSL final

March 7, 2017

Lessons from Panama Gate

In Pakist­an its impact has been most profou­nd

March 1, 2017

Surge in terrorist attacks

It is no secret that we have differ­ences with the US on severa­l aspect­s of Afghan policy­

February 21, 2017