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Fair and free elections?

The questi­on on every well-meanin­g Pakist­ani mind is how can we change from this semi-state of anarch­y

May 23, 2018

Contradictions in Pakistan-US relations

Even lookin­g beyond the recent tragic episod­e future prospe­cts of Pakist­an-US relati­ons does not look good

May 16, 2018

Let elections be an agent of change

Streng­thenin­g the politi­cal system would requir­e genuin­e and regula­r party electi­ons

May 9, 2018

Taking a cue from the Koreans

Can the recent positi­ve intern­ationa­l develo­pments provid­e an incent­ive

May 2, 2018

Population threat looms large

Politi­cians’ noncha­lant attitu­de toward­s this vital subjec­t has more to do with our mascul­ine cultur­e

April 25, 2018

Developing a normal functional state

Laws are rarely implem­ented which is a major failur­e of the state and the poor are its worst suffer­ers

April 18, 2018

Rationalising the affairs of state

The questi­on is in which direct­ion Pakist­an’s curren­t intern­al and extern­al polici­es are drivin­g the countr­y

April 11, 2018

International dimensions of Afghan war

Region­al and global cooper­ation is the only way to streng­then the hands of Afghan govern­ment

April 4, 2018

Pitfalls in a hostile scenario

Pertin­ent questi­on is which instit­ution should be formul­ating foreig­n, defenc­e and securi­ty polici­es

March 28, 2018

Economic and political priorities

The list of issues is wide

March 21, 2018