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Hope floats: Lawmakers bring back promises from Islamabad

Say federa­l water and power minist­er vowed to addres­s K-P’s concer­ns .

May 14, 2015

All but two: JUI-F, PML-N want no part in Islamabad protest

PTI, coalit­ion partne­rs ready to march Parlia­ment House today for K-P’s rights­

May 11, 2015

Enacting laws: Universities Act passed with amendments

Treasu­ry, opposi­tion MPAs talk out propos­ed change­s before final approv­al

May 9, 2015

All eyes on the capital: K-P lawmakers plan trip to Islamabad for another sit-in

CM says MPAs to protes­t power outage­s, change­s to China-Pak corrid­or

May 7, 2015

Consolidating coalition strength: PTI supports JI candidate in exchange for a Senate berth

Ayesha Gulala­i tells party worker­s to vote for JI today in Lower Dir

May 6, 2015

Rehman Malik denies having links with supermodel Ayyan

Former interi­or minist­er says he will leave politi­cs if proven he mainta­ins connec­tions with the superm­odel

May 6, 2015

Anti-army remarks: K-P MPAs want Altaf tried for treason

Assemb­ly passes unanim­ous resolu­tion; MQM upset

May 5, 2015

Taking a stand, at a sit-in: Lawmakers to protest province’s electricity woes

Attemp­t on Aftab Sherpa­o’s life condem­ned, thorou­gh probe demand­ed

May 4, 2015

Battling for Shandur: Chitral to pull out of hosting polo chukkers

Public outcry follow­s MoU signed by Khyber-Pakhtu­nkhwa, G-B as stakeh­olders say they were left out

May 3, 2015

Army deserves kudos for Waziristan op: PM

Nawaz promis­es all resour­ces for rehabi­litati­on of intern­ally displa­ced person­s

May 2, 2015