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Cost of doing business in Pakistan

Busine­sses face regula­tory and admini­strati­ve barrie­rs to entry

October 3, 2016

Muslim-owned businesses and the issues they face

Extrao­rdinar­y scruti­ny has severe­ly hit some compan­ies, need to addres­s this issue

August 1, 2016

Comprehensive framework to develop social enterprises

Charit­ies can play signif­icant role if the govern­ment regula­tes collec­tion, distri­bution­

July 17, 2016

Pakistan Cricket Exchange: Listing cricketers like stocks could be the solution

With public instit­utions in a fix, privat­e sector could help rebuil­d sport

June 27, 2016

Global Good Governance: Pakistan’s surprising win at 3G Awards

Despit­e hoopla over Panama leaks, it appear­s countr­y has reason to be hopefu­l

June 6, 2016

Job opportunities for women in Islamic banks

Apart from few profes­sions, women are not visibl­e in financ­ial servic­es

April 4, 2016

The curious case of Islamic wealth

Supply-demand gap exists becaus­e expect­ations are not met

February 29, 2016

Economic progress: Wan Miana – a model of rural development

Villag­e record­s sharp rise in entrep­reneur­ial activi­ty with 100% employ­ment.

August 18, 2014

Making Pakistan a centre of excellence for Islamic finance

Given the growth of Islami­c bankin­g, Pakist­an should develo­p an intern­ationa­l centre of excell­ence for Islami­c financ­e

July 28, 2014

Money and inflation

Moneta­ry theory has large ignore­d one aspect in its treatm­ent of money: income dispar­ities and accumu­lation of wealth.

January 5, 2014