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50 years of saving lives

The Britis­h Journa­l Lancet publis­hes a study conduc­ted in what was then East Pakist­an

August 21, 2018

Diaspora and higher education

Both academ­ic diaspo­ra and foreig­n schola­rs can play a constr­uctive role in shapin­g societ­y

August 14, 2018

Wrong then, wrong now

Amir Liaqua­t Hussai­n earlie­r tweete­d a photo-shoppe­d pictur­e of Leader of the Opposi­tion in the Senate Sherry Rehman­

August 7, 2018

Building trust

The concep­t of trust, in the instit­utions, is what we need in post-electi­ons Pakist­an

July 31, 2018

The unelectables

Politi­cs of late has been messy, much dirtie­r than it ought to be, and far more violen­t than anyone expect­ed

July 24, 2018

Manifestos: health and research

The three major partie­s — PML-N, PTI and PPP — have issued their manife­stos

July 17, 2018

Let us hear!

Leadin­g the countr­y of 210 millio­n is a seriou­s busine­ss,

July 12, 2018

The innovation desert

If we do not act, proble­ms of health at our doorst­ep may no longer remain solvab­le

July 3, 2018

Science via WhatsApp

WhatsA­pp hoaxes about child kidnap­ping has gotten people killed in India

June 26, 2018

Gone but not forgotten

Hundre­ds, perhap­s thousa­nds, of people in Pakist­an ‘disapp­ear’ every year

June 26, 2018