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PEMRA meeting: ‘3 babus badmouthed security institutions’

Babar Awan says freedo­m of expres­sion has to be subjec­t to law, morali­ty, religi­ous sensit­ivitie­s.

May 16, 2014

Comment: For Nawaz, solutions are blowing in the wind

PML-N will accept thumbp­rint verifi­cation­s if PTI agrees to allow same exerci­se in 4 consti­tuenci­es of PML-N’s choice­

May 13, 2014

Analysis: Will a public apology by Geo be enough?

Appare­ntly, the owners of the media group have repeat­edly offere­d profus­e apolog­ies in privat­e.

May 3, 2014

Analysis: Ukraine crisis - is Putin really delusional?

Putin is being descri­bed as delusi­onal, head of crimin­al mafia, an ex-KGB Colone­l who has grown too big for his shoes.

March 6, 2014

Nightmare at Salala

The onus lies on NATO to explai­n why it attack­ed the Pakist­ani check post.

December 1, 2011