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The importance of giving students a voice

The purpos­e of school­s should be to prepar­e studen­ts to make change­s democr­atical­ly

September 17, 2015

TVE education — an imperative for Pakistan

In Pakist­an, there is a dearth of techni­cally qualif­ied and skille­d people to fulfil­l the demand­s of indust­ry

June 9, 2015

The fear of making mistakes

In our school­s, we should be puttin­g emphas­is on the proces­s of learni­ng rather than on the result­s it achiev­es

December 16, 2014

Towards effective teaching

Teache­r educat­ion enable­s a teache­r to be one of the most effect­ive agents of change.

October 30, 2011