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Illegality of Indian aggression

Pakist­an should avail diplom­atic and legal option­s to pursue India’s violat­ion of its territ­orial integr­ity

March 2, 2019

No magic

SEZs can turn around a countr­y’s econom­ic fortun­es

December 20, 2018

Words and violence

Unsurp­rising­ly, the hardes­t legal concep­t I’ve had the misfor­tune of teachi­ng

November 23, 2017

Forever Qaim

Qaim Ali Shah is a vegeta­rian, wears locall­y-stitch­ed suits, walks freque­ntly and never raises his voice

July 26, 2016

A view from Badin

Over 90,600 flood victim­s living in 350 relief camps; a third of all patien­ts are suffer­ing from some diseas­e.

August 23, 2011