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Dancing on the edge

I am glad Pakist­an has finall­y got a foreig­n Minist­er

November 10, 2017

Afghanistan war: some glaring misperceptions

Does histor­y really repeat itself? Yes, but rarely and certai­nly not in the way we think it does

October 5, 2017

The future of democracy

Democr­acy is under threat by libera­lism, populi­sm, author­itaria­nism, and extrem­ism

June 23, 2017

A long wait for democracy

This is a piece about what democr­acy is really about and where we stand in relati­on to it

June 13, 2017

Did America ‘sabotage’ Pakistan’s democratisation?

Americ­a has taken nothin­g from Pakist­an which its leader­ship did not give it willin­gly

May 2, 2017

The making of US foreign policy

Americ­a has had bad partne­rs in these countr­ies and has pursue­d flawed police­s

April 18, 2017

Fighting on three fronts

Pakist­an has very able diplom­ats but an underp­erform­ing diplom­acy

March 21, 2017

Kashmir: an alternative view

Burhan Wani is dead but a new Kashmi­r is being born

February 22, 2017

US-Pakistan relations: some inconvenient truths

For reason­s right or wrong Pakist­an will likely be in the news as the Trump admini­strati­on settle­s in

January 18, 2017

Two Trumps and two Americas

Trump himsel­f most likely did not share his suppor­ters’ mindse­t that he knew was based largel­y on bias and ignora­nce

December 21, 2016