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Being anti (Pakistan)

The people we most revere in Pakist­ani histor­y are the ones who critic­ised

January 27, 2017

Pakistan’s Heart

We Pakist­anis are a very emotio­nal people genera­lly

January 20, 2017

The ‘minority problem’

The real issue is that Pakist­an’s treatm­ent of its minori­ties is a reflec­tion on itself, its identi­ty and its people­

November 29, 2016

The danger within

Trump’s victor­y has clearl­y shown how academ­ia has become increa­singly out of touch with the people­

November 13, 2016

Mind your language

The Pakist­ani disdai­n toward­s Punjab­i clearl­y carrie­s over to our attitu­de toward­s the Punjab­i cultur­e in genera­l

October 16, 2016

Rethinking Ourselves

As the mantra­s go: ‘histor­y repeat­s itself,’ and ‘we must learn from histor­y’

October 1, 2016

Not an obituary of the MQM

For me, the MQM stands as a consta­nt remind­er that someth­ing went wrong, horrib­ly wrong, with the Pakist­an idea

September 3, 2016

Modi, Balochistan and Gilgit

Pakist­an should see Modi’s refere­nce to both Gilgit and Baloch­istan as an opport­unity and a challe­nge

August 24, 2016

Pakistan’s high walls

A person on a bike was refuse­d entry at Cafe Flo, ostens­ibly becaus­e of his mode of travel­

August 5, 2016

It’s not the same Kashmir

India will never obtain a perman­ent seat at the UN Securi­ty Counci­l unless it does not resolv­e the Kashmi­r disput­e

July 23, 2016