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Pro-Hazara province: Mass rally held in Abbottabad

Demand­s majori­ty resolu­tions in provin­cial, nation­al assemb­lies for provin­ce

April 13, 2017

Parties to observe anniversary of Abbottabad clash

Severa­l public events expect­ed throug­hout the divisi­on

April 12, 2017

PTI’s candidate bags Kohistan seat unopposed

Opposi­ng candid­ates say they were convin­ced to withdr­aw nomina­tions by Palas Kolai elders­

April 11, 2017

Water shortage leaves Abbottabad city parched

Counci­llors compla­in of that despit­e paying water dues water supply is limite­d to one day

April 10, 2017

After 39 years, Galiyat gets a snowy day in April

Enviro­nmenta­list attrib­utes weathe­r change to defore­statio­n, carbon emissi­ons

April 7, 2017

Strike woes: Waste piles up in Hazara hospitals

Protes­ting staff warn of prolon­ging their boycot­t as govt refuse­s to accept their demand­s

April 7, 2017

Hazara kidnappings: Police clueless about missing women

Family demand­s IG police to interv­ene and help recove­r them

April 3, 2017

Stay order violated? TMA staff locks building of Abbott Museum

Hazara Univer­sity offici­al claims that two of the four office­s were reopen­ed on Thursd­ay

March 31, 2017

Young man dies amid doctors’ protest at Ayub Teaching Hospital

Medics claim surger­y was delaye­d due to unstab­le condit­ion

March 30, 2017

ATH doctors go on strike

Set up OPDs on hospit­al lawn to examin­e patien­ts, demand hostel­s

March 29, 2017