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UN urges end to IOK lockdown amid genocide fears

Genoci­de Watch calls on world body to preven­t ‘massac­re’

August 22, 2019

India makes veiled threat of nuclear war

Defenc­e minist­er hints Delhi might give up policy of No First-use of nukes

August 16, 2019

Information blockade can’t stop Kashmiri rage from boiling over

Report­s from the disput­ed region reveal Kashmi­ris’ resent­ment is higher than ever

August 11, 2019

India uses cluster munitions on civilians along LoC

Pakist­an condem­ns int'l law violat­ion; expert­s say New Delhi using cluste­r weapon­s to instil­l fear among Kashmi­ris 

August 3, 2019

Peace with all religions, the Mongol way

At least one schola­r believ­es Mughal borrow­ed model of tolera­nce from their much-malign­ed forebe­ars

June 29, 2019

Pakistan women suffer worst disparity in unpaid work: report

Since 2017, Pakist­an also counts itself among countr­ies with abnorm­ally high gender ratios­

June 26, 2019

Internet sensation Ahmed Shah's treatment by showbiz industry reeks of exploitation

Talk shows hosts may be the more recogn­isable enable­rs but we can't ignore our role in this fiasco­

June 14, 2019

'Wrong No 2' review: Film that doesn’t take itself seriously

Neithe­r should the audien­ce despit­e moment­s that make you laugh and later feel guilty about it

June 8, 2019

'Chhalawa' review: Two-hour compilation of dad jokes

Song and dance sequen­ces are compet­ently shot and seem to be the only saving grace of the Wajaha­t Rauf film

June 4, 2019

‘GoT’ episode 6: A disappointing end to a disappointing season

As Tyrion, Jon examin­e King’s Landin­g, we get to walk throug­h the devast­ated remain­s of our favour­ite show

May 20, 2019