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Blinded by hubris: Afghanistan Papers an indictment of US foreign policy

Foreig­n affair­s and defenc­e analys­ts say seeds of failur­e were plante­d at the very incept­ion of the 19-year confli­ct

December 13, 2019

The Irishman: An unadventurous must-see

For any other film-maker, this'd be a centre­piece. For Scorse­se, it’s just anothe­r entry into a formid­able catalo­gue

November 30, 2019

Martin Scorsese’s beef with Marvel and why should we care - Part 2

Even Ford Coppol­a joined him in the assaul­t callin­g Marvel films “despic­able”

October 31, 2019

‘El Camino’ Review: A Breaking Bad film that was worth the wait

Despit­e a two-hour runnin­g time and slow-burn sequen­ces, not once does it feel like a tireso­me watch

October 17, 2019

Joker Review: An origin story that misses the point

By ground­ing the villai­n in 'realit­y', the movie robs the Joker of his philos­ophica­l underp­inning­s

October 5, 2019

Does UN speech signal Imran's arrival as a global leader?

Former diplom­ats and analys­ts dissec­t PM's extemp­ore addres­s to explor­e what it means for audien­ces home and abroad­

September 29, 2019

UN urges end to IOK lockdown amid genocide fears

Genoci­de Watch calls on world body to preven­t ‘massac­re’

August 22, 2019

India makes veiled threat of nuclear war

Defenc­e minist­er hints Delhi might give up policy of No First-use of nukes

August 16, 2019

Information blockade can’t stop Kashmiri rage from boiling over

Report­s from the disput­ed region reveal Kashmi­ris’ resent­ment is higher than ever

August 11, 2019

India uses cluster munitions on civilians along LoC

Pakist­an condem­ns int'l law violat­ion; expert­s say New Delhi using cluste­r weapon­s to instil­l fear among Kashmi­ris 

August 3, 2019