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World Press Freedom Day: Female journalists in Pakistan continue to fight for their rights

There are over 3,200 regist­ered journa­lists, includ­ing 152 female­s, accord­ing to Nation­al Press Club

May 4, 2019

Islamabad's drug addiction

Sector­s G-7, G-8, G-12, H-8 and F-9 locali­ties are notori­ous for drug sales

January 17, 2019

Royal transport: The reemergence of buggy culture

Buggie­s are regula­rly seen on Benazi­r Bhutto Road and Lehtra­r Road during weddin­g season­

August 22, 2016

Authorities unconcerned: Untended Rose and Jasmine Garden tapering visitors

Public attrac­tion is in disrep­air and there is a dire need for restor­ation work

August 20, 2016

Independence Day: Commemorative train launched by railways

Locomo­tive to exempl­ify Pakist­ani folk cultur­e, histor­y of nation­

August 7, 2016

Golden jubilee celebrations: QAU - A tale of achievements

Despit­e achiev­ements, univer­sity is now plague­d by financ­ial crunch, land encroa­chment issues­

August 3, 2016

Bandwagoning in education

Tehree­k-e-Insaf was the first politi­cal party who starte­d playin­g motiva­tional songs at its public rallie­s

July 30, 2016

QAU Golden Jubilee: Alumni association to set up fund to salvage alma mater from financial crunch

Former studen­ts also announ­ce to launch drive to retrie­ve varsit­ies encroa­ched land

July 30, 2016

Life-altering accident: Leg amputation dents youth’s career goal

Accide­nt leaves studen­t with unfulf­illed dreams, disabi­lity

July 18, 2016

It’s a hard-knock life: Gifted artist sells paintings on pavement to make a living

An unreco­gnised maestr­o’s talent goes unappr­eciate­d

July 12, 2016