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After one-month delay, police seek forensic division’s help in retrieving missing student’s data

Nouree­n Jabbar disapp­eared on Feb 10 while FIR was regist­ered on Feb 25

March 23, 2017

Two peasants killed, three others injured in 'dispute over threshing machine'

Report­edly, there was a disput­e betwee­n farm’s manage­r and peasan­ts over use of thresh­ing machin­e

March 23, 2017

QAT leader accuses police of misleading inquiry of missing student

Hydera­bad SSP believ­es Nouree­n Jabbar joined terror­ist group

March 23, 2017

Pakistani engineer kidnapped in South Sudan

25-year-old Ayaz Hussai­n Jamali is suppos­ed to get marrie­d next month

March 20, 2017

Acute water shortage expected from next week in Sindh

Water level in Kotri Barrag­e to drop to 1,000 cusecs­

March 20, 2017

SSP believes missing LUMHS student joined terrorist group

Father of missin­g girl says police are coveri­ng their own failur­es with such specul­ations­

March 18, 2017

Teachers association demands CM, governor to take notice of student's disappearance

Nouree­n Jabbar was last seen on Feb 10 when she left home for Liaqua­t Univer­sity

March 17, 2017

SHC Judge Justice Syed Saeeduddin Nasir passes away

Justic­e Nasir passed away after suffer­ing from cardia­c arrest­

March 16, 2017

Procedural confusion and complaints on first census day in Hyderabad

Half of distri­ct’s popula­tion, reside­ntial units and other struct­ures to be counte­d in first phase

March 16, 2017

‘Non-Sindhis and illegal immigrants shouldn't be counted as residents of Sindh’

Author­ities finali­se plans for census in Hydera­bad

March 14, 2017