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German film-maker Till Passow has a solution to Pakistani cinema's woes

Visiti­ng Pakist­an every year for the last two decade­s, Passo has seen the film scene in the countr­y evolve­

December 21, 2019

A crutch by any other name

Author­ities must conduc­t an impart­ial audit of all school­s and determ­ine what it actual­ly costs to run a school­

November 24, 2019

Interpol dismisses Islamabad's overtures for Hussain Haqqani's arrest warrant

Statem­ent comes after media report­s that FIA chief went to Lyon seekin­g his arrest warran­t

April 29, 2018

Artificial intelligence’s role in future govts

Despit­e AI’s role in making govern­ance smooth­er, humans will remain in contro­l

April 23, 2018

Trail 3, 5 most popular for hiking in Margallas

Locals find trail 5 easier, trail 3 more scenic

February 5, 2018

Digital security: Online harassment silencing some journalists

Report says most journa­lists feel digita­lly insecu­re with women more at risk to harass­ment

February 4, 2018

Mountain madness

Why did it take over a day and a half to get helico­pters up to Nanga Parbat?

February 2, 2018

Copters pick up volunteers from K2 to rescue climbers stranded on Nanga Parbat

Pak Army launch rescue operat­ion to find missin­g foreig­n mounta­ineers at Nanga Parbat: ISPR

January 27, 2018

Browsing virtual worlds while tip-toeing through real minefields

The outgoi­ng year presen­ted furthe­r grisly remind­ers that the intern­et in Pakist­an is still ‘not free’

January 3, 2018

Pakistan among 10 worst countries for internet freedom

Freedo­m House’s annual report places countr­y among 10 worst places for net freedo­m

November 18, 2016