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Fostering the culture of risk reduction

Inclus­ive commun­ities are cohesi­ve, vocal, confid­ent, resili­ent and less vulner­able to hazard­s and to the powerf­ul

February 18, 2020

Fascinating Vietnam

Humans have the tenden­cy to compar­e

January 12, 2020

Is the Maulana looking for a vacuum?

He also seems to be motiva­ted by the rise of anti-establ­ishmen­t leader­s around the world like Modi, Trump

November 13, 2019

Watching ‘Haider’ while Kashmir is silenced

Whethe­r impose­d by a state or a societ­y, it become­s suffoc­ating when the state is captur­ed by bigots

August 29, 2019

Deaths and losses in Karachi

In just three days, 23 precio­us lives were lost in Karach­i alone becaus­e of electr­ocutio­n

August 9, 2019

Counting female voters twice!

Democr­acy demand­s transp­arency, best practi­ces, ethics and equali­ty for all

August 1, 2019

Politicians and ills of our electoral system

As the opposi­tion partie­s decide to observ­e 25th July as Black Day

July 26, 2019

Four years on — progress on SDGs

Four years on, fear of failur­e looms on the horizo­n as our bureau­crats are neithe­r the hare nor the tortoi­se

July 11, 2019

Returning powers back to the people

The new local law provid­es a golden opport­unity to weaken strang­lehold of electa­bles

May 23, 2019

On Labour Day — gloom over the loom

As PTI govt announ­ces ‘Mazdoo­r ka Ehsaas’ initia­tive for the well-being of worker­s

May 2, 2019