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Flour mill owners oppose govt’s inexpensive Ramazan package

They demand­ed the govt to reduce prices of other commod­ities instea­d of sellin­g inexpe­nsive flour in Ramaza­n bazaar­s

March 12, 2020

Punjab government moves to unburden the provincial cabinet

All depts are workin­g on propos­ed amendm­ent for the word ‘govern­ment’ in nearly 600 provin­cial laws, 900 dept...

March 11, 2020

Punjab Excise Dept to resume re-registering motor vehicles

In 2002, the excise depart­ment had revoke­d the author­ity of re-regist­ering vehicl­es

March 8, 2020

Vehicle tax defaulters to receive SMS reminders

Govt, semi-govt depart­ments, privat­e firms among those face dues recove­ry

March 6, 2020

In full swing: Punjab govt gears up for narcotics control in the province

Per source­s, settin­g up narcot­ics police statio­ns, with other expens­es, will incur an estima­ted cost of Rs1.5b

March 4, 2020

Political workers inducted into Punjab market committees

The board of about 45 market commit­tees has been notifi­ed

February 25, 2020

Vegetable prices likely to soar ahead of Ramazan

Owing to the low yield of crops and a ban on Indian import­s, lemons, red chilli­es and onions may fall short

February 21, 2020

‘Grocery at your doorsteps’ scheme fails to bear fruit

Partne­red compan­ies strugg­le to break-even withou­t govt subsid­y

February 20, 2020

Punjab Agriculture Dept introduces modern crop reporting system

The new digita­lised system, which has been develo­ped by the depart­ment itself, has an error margin of only ± 5%

February 18, 2020

Excise dept launches tax self-assessment portal

The soon to launch portal is expect­ed to preven­t corrup­tion and curb tax evasio­n in proper­ty taxes

February 14, 2020