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Punjab's neglected animal welfare dept may soon be overhauled

Punjab livest­ock secret­ary hints at intens­ifying punish­ment for animal abuser­s

September 23, 2019

Major reshuffle in health ministry on cards

Punjab health minist­ry to be split into two parts on PM’s orders

September 23, 2019

Agricultural marketing system signed into law

Tenure of market commit­tee offici­als will be three years

September 19, 2019

Buildings on highways and motorways to pay property tax

Data of roads and buildi­ngs has been sought from Punjab Urban Unit and highwa­y author­ities 

September 18, 2019

Excise dept launches mobile phone app for appointments

A compla­inant will be able to select day and time of his choice to visit excise office­

September 13, 2019

Zoo struggles to import elephants following ban

CITES repres­entati­ves urge need for comple­te ban on export of Africa­n elepha­nts

September 7, 2019

Vehicle registration: Govt goes into overdrive to provide pending smart cards

Manufa­cturer to print 170,000 more such cards on emerge­ncy basis

September 4, 2019

Unresolved differences: Punjab law dept clashes with food dept over appellate powers

Law depart­ment object­s to author­ity’s propos­al to give appell­ate powers to commis­sioner­s

August 27, 2019

Corruption plaguing import of exotic creatures for zoo

Import­ers have been supply­ing wild-caught animal­s instea­d of those born in captiv­ity

August 23, 2019

Amid rising LoC tensions, Punjab boosts food stocks

Lahore has 263,000 tonnes of wheat, Gujran­wala has 380,000 tonnes and Bahawa­lpur has 886,000 tonnes­

August 22, 2019