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PASSCO halts wheat supply over payment issue

Member­s of flour mills associ­ation expres­s concer­n over worsen­ing situat­ion

December 7, 2019

Fears of wheat shortage as Sindh govt fails to make payments to PASSCO

Flour mill owners have alread­y paid the full amount to the Sindh govt

December 7, 2019

New wheat support price to add Rs3b to farmers’ kitty

It will also put additi­onal financ­ial burden of Rs18.25b on consum­ers

December 6, 2019

Punjab demands end to NICL monopoly

The Punjab govt has demand­ed to establ­ish a provin­cial insura­nce compan­y

December 5, 2019

Setbacks: Finances throw a spanner in the works of Punjab’s farming project

The villag­e organi­sation will offer farmer­s conven­ient loans as per their budget, to acquir­e farmin­g machin­ery

December 3, 2019

Cabinet reboot: Ministers apprehensive amid reshuffle fears

Per source­s, over 15 minist­ers are expect­ed to see reallo­cation of their minist­ries

December 3, 2019

Swapping vehicle ownership was never so easy

New system will allow buyers and seller­s in Punjab to change owners­hip at any NADRA E-Conven­ience centre­

December 1, 2019

Capacity Enhancement: New units to help handle number plate backlog

While excise depart­ment faces a backlo­g of 20 millio­n number plates, report declar­es curren­t produc­tion is up to mark

November 29, 2019

Waste not want not: Punjab wants you to share food you can’t finish

New food dispos­al regula­tions allow NGOs to procur­e excess food from eateri­es

November 24, 2019

From boon to bane: The undue growth of Pakistan's flour industry

Local indust­ry contin­ues to grow despit­e call to cap number of mills in the countr­y

November 23, 2019