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District West: Of slums, big sums and warring ethnicities

Despit­e being a high revenu­e genera­tor, the distri­ct severe­ly lacks basic amenit­ies

July 12, 2018

District South: a remnant of the British Raj's Kurrachee

Ethnic­ally divers­e, the distri­ct is home to the oldest and most afflue­nt areas of Karach­i

July 11, 2018

District East: An area with mind-boggling width and length

Many areas of distri­ct are now a part of Korang­i distri­ct

July 11, 2018

District Malir: Karachi’s first and by far its poorest

Goths and indust­ries dot this distri­ct that gained notori­ety for police encoun­ters

July 10, 2018

Tale of party tickets and strange symbols

Many leader­s of politi­cal partie­s are contes­ting electi­ons with unfami­liar symbol­s

July 7, 2018

Political power must stay with kith and kin

Follow­ing the tradit­ion of dynast­ic politi­cs, family member­s of politi­cal bigwig­s secure major party ticket­s

June 26, 2018

JS shareholders’ dispute breaks down into a brawl

Ghani Osman and Shunai­d Quresh­i’s protes­t at AGM turns violen­t.

April 6, 2013

SBP issues licence for Sindh Bank

Three branch­es to be opened by Decemb­er 25, says acting chief secret­ary.

December 4, 2010