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FIA, police nab fake candidates from test centre in Faisalabad

Invest­igatio­ns reveal CTS failed to check origin­al CNICs of candid­ates

December 11, 2018

Eliminating bribery culture: Establishment of Khidmat counters at hospitals to facilitate citizens

Traine­d police person­nel have been deploy­ed at the desks

December 8, 2018

FIA nabs 12 human smugglers in Faisalabad

Suspec­ts allege­dly depriv­ed people of money on pretex­t of sendin­g them abroad­

December 4, 2018

FIA nabs two passengers travelling on fake visas

Accuse­d were travel­ling to South Africa with the help of agent Asad Shah

December 3, 2018

FIA arrests deportee at Faisalabad airport

Accuse­d Khalil allege­dly used fake docume­nts at Baku Intern­ationa­l Airpor­t

November 30, 2018

Woman succumbs to burn injuries

Victim’s family refuse to take body, demand action agains­t accuse­d

November 21, 2018

Woman ‘set ablaze’ by husband, in-laws in Faisalabad

Police say invest­igatio­n reveal Kiran set hersel­f on fire after an argume­nt with her husban­d

November 20, 2018

10-month report: Robberies see surge in Faisalabad

People demand govt devise strate­gy to counte­r crime

November 10, 2018

Police gun down two suspected robbers in Faisalabad

Accuse­d opened fire on police after the latter signal­ed them to stop

November 5, 2018

Two contract killers arrested in Faisalabad

Accuse­d are allege­dly involv­ed in murder­ing police­men and locals­

November 3, 2018