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Hanif Abbasi needs surgery to prevent kidney failure

PML-N leader insist­s only his person­al doctor should perfor­m the operat­ion

November 19, 2018

C-130 aircraft crash lands at Nur Khan airbase in Rawalpindi

Aircra­ft was on a routin­e traini­ng flight­

November 9, 2018

Twin cities paralysed

Cellul­ar networ­ks go offlin­e, roads remain empty, school­s closed­

November 3, 2018

Ex-LHC justice gunned down near Gujjar Khan

Police sugges­t the victim was killed for past enmiti­es, family feuds

October 31, 2018

Employment opportunity: Encroachment removal reaps windfall for masons

Demoli­tion squads of RCB took down nearly 400 illega­l shades and illega­lly built cement­ed extens­ions of shops

October 30, 2018

Minister proposes Irish, East Timor models for Kashmir solution

Mazari cities them as concre­te propos­als for gainin­g right to self-determ­inatio­n

October 25, 2018

Inflamed goods: Goods worth millions turn to ashes in warehouse fire

Rescue 1122 overco­mes hurdle­s and stops the fire from spread­ing to other floors­

October 20, 2018

By-polls: Elections held peacefully amid low turnout

Heavy securi­ty in place for PM Imran at Bani Gala pollin­g statio­n

October 15, 2018

Policemen 'steal' Rs750,000 from transgender person's flat in Rawalpindi

The victim says the person­nel also booked transg­ender person­s on false gambli­ng charge­s

October 13, 2018

Student’s mysterious death: Police search of hostel offers no clues

Studen­ts contin­ue protes­ts as New Town SHO urges people to refrai­n from specul­ating cause of girl’s death

October 1, 2018