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Elected reps can use sirens on their cars: K-P Assembly told

Minist­er’s assert­ion that there is no ban surpri­ses some

October 17, 2017

772 college teachers regularised in K-P

JUI-F MPA demand­s Battag­ram area be remove­d from new Kohist­an distri­ct

October 14, 2017

As winter approaches, OGRA asks K-P to stop LPG decanting

Regula­tor warns natura­l gas shorta­ge will lead to a rise in the hazard­ous practi­ce

October 13, 2017

K-P assembly fails to provide information to its own secretary

Kifaya­tullah Afridi had submit­ted an applic­ation on August 29 under the Right to Inform­ation Act

October 11, 2017

K-P govt left blushing by lawmaker’s antics

PTI’s Gul Sahib Khan interr­upts assemb­ly procee­dings with his shouts­

October 10, 2017

NMC thriving in lieu of PMDC recognition

Medica­l colleg­e operat­ional since 2016, still not regist­ered with PMDC

October 5, 2017

PDA regains legal status after 15 years

The K-P govern­ment to table the bill titled in the provin­cial assemb­ly today

October 4, 2017

Abduction fear: Turkish teachers in K-P seek peace, security

In Quetta too, studen­ts of Pak-Turk instit­utions hold demo; calls for recove­ry of Kacmaz and family­

September 30, 2017

K-P to take $200m loan from World Bank

Provin­cial govt wishes to increa­se relian­ce on its on source­s of revenu­e, rather than lookin­g at federa­l transf­ers

September 28, 2017

K-P may phase out PaRRSA by year end

Offici­als say summar­y sent to chief secret­ary; author­ity’s staff to be accomm­odated in PDMA wing

September 23, 2017