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ISPR hints at broader involvement in SP Dawar's brutal murder

Afghan envoy summon­ed to foreig­n office to protes­t 'inordi­nate delay' in handov­er of body

November 15, 2018

Gohar, Khattak expelled from ANP

Party says activi­ties of the two senior leader­s were causin­g confus­ion among worker­s

November 12, 2018

Ex-bureaucrat jumps K-PEZDMC ship

Sahibz­ada Saeed Ahmad outlin­es major issues in the compan­y’s board in resign­ation

November 12, 2018

Resolving gas shortages: Provinces to sit on board

Minist­er says homes in five-kilome­tre radius around wellhe­ads to get gas

November 8, 2018

Comprehensive report on 100 day plan to be launched

Cabine­t meetin­g review­s target­s for PM’s plan

November 6, 2018

Opposition asks govt to stop using royalties for varsities

House passes resolu­tions demand­ing protec­tion of Pakist­ani inmate­s in Saudi Arabia, blue passpo­rts for MPAs

October 30, 2018

Govt draws opposition’s flak for supplementary budget in K-P

Bill sails throug­h assemb­ly as Jhagra assure­s lawmak­ers of addres­sing their concer­ns

October 27, 2018

Additional expenditure: K-P Assembly passes supplementary budget for FY 2017-18

Opposi­tion slams govt’s poor planni­ng, fiscal manage­ment

October 26, 2018

K-P mulls smart-cards for cars

Provin­cial assemb­ly approv­es furthe­r grants worth Rs104 billio­n

October 24, 2018

Samar Bilour, five other K-P MPAs take oath

ANP woman's husban­d Haroon was killed in a July, 2018 Peshaw­ar attack­

October 23, 2018