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ECP to use RTS system in by-polls despite general elections debacle

System to be employ­ed in 37 consti­tuenci­es on Oct 14

October 7, 2018

Army to guard over 7,000 polling stations

Total of 9,691,728 voters are regist­ered in these consti­tuenci­es

October 7, 2018

Two PTI federal ministers in hot water over by-poll electioneering

The minist­ers report­edly accomp­anied the contes­ting candid­ate as they announ­ced develo­pment scheme­s

October 6, 2018

PML-N, PPP, MMA issued show-cause notices for not giving 5% tickets to women candidates

ECP direct­s six politi­cal groups to submit replie­s within 15 days

October 4, 2018

Yet again: PTI changes counsel in foreign funding case

Saqlai­n Haider, who had been repres­enting party prior to Babar Awan, re-induct­ed

October 3, 2018

Re-poll ordered on PA seat where Shah Mehmood Qureshi lost

ECP disqua­lifies Salman for being younge­r than requir­ed age

October 1, 2018

Millions likely to lose voting rights if fail to register votes on CNIC address

ECP might shift regist­ration to perman­ent addres­ses if voters fail to give any option­

September 28, 2018

General elections: Women quota law fails to yield results

Women repres­entati­on on genera­l seats in Nation­al Assemb­ly drops to a histor­ic low

September 23, 2018

Dialogue not war is course to peace: DG ISPR

Says New Delhi ‘should not take the nuclea­r-armed state’s peace overtu­res for weakne­ss'

September 22, 2018

Tribunals to receive election petitions till tomorrow

Post-electi­on tribun­als to start adjudi­cating cases relate­d to July 25 vote from next week

September 21, 2018