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Experts oppose online voting for overseas Pakistanis

Vote secrec­y, securi­ty issues highli­ghted

August 14, 2018

PTI gets lion's share of reserved seats in NA

Imran party bags 33, PML-N 18 and PPP 11 seats reserv­ed for women, minori­ties

August 12, 2018

Presidential poll likely to suffer delay

It will be anothe­r great challe­nge for PTI to have its candid­ate at covete­d positi­on

August 11, 2018

Imran given clean chit in ballot secrecy case

PTI chief had submit­ted apolog­y to the ECP

August 10, 2018

ECP notifies Imran Khan's NA-131 victory

The electo­ral body has also issued notifi­cation­s for NA 108, NA-90, PB-38 and PK-4

August 9, 2018

Imran conditionally allowed to take oath

ECP withho­lds Imran’s victor­y notifi­cation on 2 seats, condit­ionall­y notifi­es on 3 seats

August 7, 2018

Shrinking vote bank: Populism-driven PPP suffers across country

PTI seems to captur­e vote bank ceded by PPP

August 5, 2018

CEC rejects rigging charges, rebuffs resignation calls

Asks partie­s to respec­ts people’s mandat­e; says partie­s may take legal course in case of compla­int

August 1, 2018

ECP orders recount in 70 constituencies

After ECP’s offici­al notifi­cation, there will be three days for indepe­ndents to join any party

July 31, 2018

ECP asks for detailed report on NA-241 rigging allegations

Sindh commis­sioner and DROs asked to file the report­

July 30, 2018