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PTI fails to submit response on foreign funding case in ECP again

The party's lawyer said they will submit the respon­se in the next hearin­g

November 21, 2017

Khatm-e-Nabuwat: Senate adds declaration of a voter’s faith in Election Act

Now a voter will have to declar­e his faith before ECP if anyone files object­ion

November 17, 2017

ECP may decide Imran’s case on December 4

His counse­l says the clause has been challe­nged in IHC and poll body should wait till result­s

November 16, 2017

Transfers and postings: ECP goes through drastic reshuffle

ECP transf­ers, posts 86 office­rs, dozens of them as distri­ct and region­al electi­on commis­sioner­s

November 16, 2017

Absence of ministers irks Senate chairman

Direct­s secret­ariat to warn all minist­ers of puniti­ve action if querie­s not respon­ded to

November 11, 2017

PTI MNA demands removal of Ali Amin Gandapur over alleged involvement in parading girl naked

Person­al invest­igatio­n found the PTI K-P minist­er respon­sible for harbou­ring the accuse­d

November 10, 2017

India offered strategic restraint regime

FO spokes­man says it can serve as basis for enduri­ng peace in region­

November 9, 2017

NTDC teams off to China to devise anti-smog strategy

The team is to study the Beijin­g model of electr­icity being develo­ped for smog contro­l

November 7, 2017

India will soon realise benefits of CPEC, says acting envoy

Corrid­or’s highes­t decisi­on-making forum likely to take up feasib­ility of 9 specia­l econom­ic zones

November 4, 2017

Pakistan urges SCO role to settle Afghan conflict

Khwaja Asif briefs Senate for a second time in a week; PkMAP joins opposi­tion in walkou­t over three missin­g women

November 1, 2017