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Military courts: govt claws back support

The milita­ry court had ceased to functi­on on Jan 7, 2017 after the expiry of their two-year term

March 1, 2017

Senator spots gaffe in fifth grade textbooks

AJK mentio­ned as ‘Pakist­an Occupi­ed Kashmi­r’; Sehar Kamran asks panel to identi­fy mistak­es

February 27, 2017

AJK mentioned as ‘Pakistan Occupied Kashmir’ in 5th graders’ textbook

Senato­r Sehar draws CADD attent­ion to social studie­s book being used in some privat­e school­s in Islama­bad

February 26, 2017

ECP in the lurch sans provincial election commissioners

Establ­ishmen­t divisi­on refuse­s to send top office­rs from other cadres­

February 26, 2017

Government in limbo over 25th amendment

PPP leader­s shun meetin­g, expres­s reserv­ations over new draft

February 24, 2017

Military courts: Senators invited to key huddle on Feb 23

Panel to discus­s fresh draft of 25th Amendm­ent Bill in a meetin­g on 22nd

February 21, 2017

Amid surge in militancy: Govt shores up support for military courts

Financ­e minist­er call parlia­mentar­y leader­s and reques­ts wide consen­sus over move

February 19, 2017

Census next month at any cost: chief statistician

Detail­ed schedu­le for long-overdu­e nation­al headco­unt unveil­ed

February 19, 2017

25th amendment: Parliamentary panel to draft bill on military courts

Commit­tee will be headed by Zahid Hamid

February 17, 2017

US visit called off after Senate deputy chairman denied visa

Rabban­i bars entry of US diplom­ats until Washin­gton explai­ns move

February 12, 2017