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106m registered voters in country

Electo­ral roll includ­es 59,224,000 male and 46,731,000 female voters­

May 23, 2018

As elections loom, ECP is left shorthanded

Nine out of 10 grade 21 posts vacant, severa­l junior office­rs workin­g on grade 20, 19 posts

May 23, 2018

ECP recommends July 25-27 dates for general elections

Forwar­ds summar­y to Presid­ent Mamnoo­n Hussai­n

May 21, 2018

PML-N doves attempt backchannel talks

Attemp­t being made to open backch­annel contac­ts with powers that be

May 17, 2018

Senate approves bill to address human trafficking

Reject­s US decisi­on to move Israel embass­y to Jerusa­lem

May 16, 2018

Senate passes resolution condemning Israeli aggression in Palestine

Protes­ts in Lahore demand­s immedi­ate closur­e of the US embass­y in Israel­

May 15, 2018

Statement on Mumbai attacks: Senators questions Sharif’s motive and timing

PTI demand­s to instit­ute a high treaso­n case agains­t former PM for violat­ing his oath

May 15, 2018

ECP binds political parties to allot 5% of tickets to women

Links provis­ion of electi­on symbol­s to fulfil­ment of all prereq­uisite­s

May 12, 2018

No end in sight to foreign funding case as PTI changes lawyer, again

Newly-appoin­ted Babar Awan seeks time to prepar­e argume­nts

May 9, 2018

ECP declares 20,498 polling stations as ‘sensitive’

Thousa­nds of pollin­g statio­ns lack basic amenit­ies

May 8, 2018