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Zardari says Nawaz, PML-N weakening state institutions

PPP co-chairm­an claims a revolt is being ignite­d throug­h Punjab's bureau­cracy agains­t the state

February 23, 2018

PML-N Senate nominees to contest as independent candidates: ECP

Senate electi­ons to be held as schedu­led for March 3

February 22, 2018

ECP removes Nawaz Sharif’s name as PML-N president

Poll superv­isory author­ity is set to decide fate of the ruling party’s candid­ates for Senate electi­ons on Thursd­ay

February 21, 2018

Senate proceedings: Govt refuses to take back policy on automatic weapons

Farhat­ullah Babar expres­ses concer­n over a deal betwee­n NHA and FWO for toll collec­tion

February 21, 2018

Details of troops' deployment in Saudi Arabia can't be revealed: Senate told

Defenc­e minist­er says reveal­ing operat­ional detail­s will be agains­t the securi­ty of the countr­y and the troops­

February 19, 2018

Senate summons defence minister over sending troops to Saudi Arabia

Senato­r Farhat­ullah Babar also questi­ons interi­or minist­ry’s silenc­e over fate of ex-TTP spokes­person Ehsanu­llah...

February 16, 2018

Ehsanullah’s fate: Interior ministry’s reply stuns Senate

Talal Chaudh­ry assure­s TTP spokes­person involv­ed in severa­l terror­ist incide­nts will not be pardon­ed

February 16, 2018

Trichotomy of powers: Babar urges Rabbani to announce ruling

Senate chairm­an says he has almost finali­sed his ruling on the issue and would announ­ce it soon

February 16, 2018

Islamabad warns New Delhi against misadventure

Defenc­e minist­er says any miscal­culati­on will be met with an ‘equal and propor­tionat­e respon­se’

February 15, 2018

ECP extends scrutiny time for Senate elections till midnight

Scruti­ny of nomina­tion papers of twenty candid­ates for seven genera­l seats was comple­ted today in KP

February 12, 2018