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Shaheen Air gears up to fly on new international routes

Court allows airlin­e to fly to new destin­ations till the next hearin­g of case

May 6, 2017

K-Electric to receive additional 100MW in Ramazan

Sindh govt's Nooria­bad statio­n will start power supply from May 27

May 6, 2017

Dhabeji gains attention of Chinese investors

Dhabej­i is a part of Thatta distri­ct and is near the suburb­s of Karach­i

May 4, 2017

Pakistan’s middle class continues to grow at rapid pace

Statis­tics indica­te the countr­y is experi­encing rising demand for consum­er durabl­es

May 2, 2017

CAA warns Shaheen Air of suspension, wants clearance of dues

Airlin­e says author­ity is favour­ing foreig­n carrie­rs and PIA, demand­s DG's remova­l

April 24, 2017

Pakistani female entrepreneurs develop speech software for patients

‘Bolo Tech’ offers clinic­al soluti­ons in Urdu langua­ge to combat speech impair­ment

April 24, 2017

Ministry aims for $6b software exports by 2020

Tech minist­ry target­s at least one incuba­tion centre in each provin­ce

April 19, 2017

Finding a solution to the menace of ‘overbooked’ flights

It's high time airlin­es spent time on servic­e rather than saying ‘standa­rd indust­ry practi­ce’

April 17, 2017

State-owned power firms cause Rs11.7b loss to exchequer

Gas-based power statio­ns remain­ed on standb­y, losing potent­ial to produc­e cost-effect­ive energy­

April 13, 2017

CPEC investment pushed from $55b to $62b

Fresh invest­ment will flow to variou­s projec­ts includ­ing indust­rial zones

April 12, 2017