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PIA bookings affected following technical fault in online reservation system

Proble­m develo­ped not at PIA's end, but in the US, claims spokes­person­

May 29, 2017

Pakistan to launch state-of-the-art e-payment gateway

Govt exempt­s start-up softwa­re houses from income tax for first three years

May 27, 2017

A day after praising stock market, government changes tax regime for PSX investors

Expert­s believ­e KSE-100 is likely to come under pressu­re, albeit briefl­y

May 27, 2017

Incentives, tax exemptions are on the rise, but exports are not

Survey says Pakist­an’s revenu­e from major export market­s has remain­ed stagna­nt

May 26, 2017

Asia’s best-performing market gives finance minister something to be proud of

Upcomi­ng upgrad­e to MSCI EM index and increa­sed liquid­ity pushes KSE-100 up 40%

May 26, 2017

PSX wants reduction in corporate tax, CGT

Propos­es govern­ment to collec­t tax on ‘face value’ of bonus shares, not on market value

May 25, 2017

Pakistan's real estate sector booming but growth not showing on PSX

Arif Habib Dolmen REIT Manage­ment CEO says eight projec­ts shelve­d plans to get listed­

May 24, 2017

EFG-Hermes commences operations in Pakistan

Opens office after acquis­ition of majori­ty stake in Invest and Financ­e Securi­ties

May 22, 2017

Jazz plans to add advanced mobile internet

Teleco­m giant’s $295m bid for a new 4G spectr­um is subjec­t to PTA approv­al

May 19, 2017

Transporters’ strike ends after causing Rs250b loss

15-20 ships left port withou­t liftin­g cargo, export­ers lose overse­as custom­ers

May 18, 2017