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PSX: the goose that laid the golden eggs

Barrin­g the first budget, the PML-N has sharpe­ned its knife on stock market every year

April 25, 2018

Agriculture sector continues to get incentives

PML-N govt has gradua­lly increa­sed credit ceilin­g, provid­ed heavy subsid­ies

April 25, 2018

Rupee loses ground in open market, SBP calls ‘emergency’ meeting

Panic buying pushed curren­cy down to Rs118.5 in intra-day tradin­g

April 24, 2018

Current account deficit increases and so do Pakistan’s worries

Amount­s to $12.03 billio­n in nine months of ongoin­g fiscal year

April 20, 2018

Pakistan to launch dollar-based savings certificates for overseas residents

Offer will help stabil­ise dwindl­ing foreig­n curren­cy reserv­es with expect­ed invest­ment of up to $1b

April 19, 2018

FDI reduces to $153 million ahead of elections

Amount in March lowest among all months of curren­t fiscal year

April 18, 2018

Protection of Economic Reforms Act: Change in law to bring down demand for US dollar

It will also help ease pressu­re on curren­t accoun­t, reduce trade defici­t

April 14, 2018

Long overdue: PSX elects seven directors without contest

Four direct­ors repres­ent the Chines­e consor­tium that has 40% stake in the bourse­

April 12, 2018

Remittances touch seven-month high at $1.77 billion in March

Saudi Arabia remain­ed larges­t source with $427.62 millio­n

April 11, 2018

Pakistan’s external debt grows at fastest pace in four years

Countr­y acquir­es $6.9 billio­n in foreig­n loans in 2017

April 8, 2018