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NBP could take Rs48b hit as top court rules in favour of pensioners

Bank set to challe­nge verdic­t with larger bench; earnin­gs impact to be 29% of book value

September 26, 2017

Gold shines on investors’ radar over rupee value speculation

Possib­le devalu­ation cited as major reason for increa­sed demand of gold among risk-averse invest­ors

September 24, 2017

Documentary to raise awareness of illegal remittance channels

NBP chief estima­tes amount sent via Hawala/Hundi to be $6-7b a year

September 22, 2017

Alibaba in talks to buy big stake in Telenor Bank

May acquir­e 40% stake in the microf­inance bank for $100 millio­n

September 21, 2017

Telenor seeks govt subsidy for 4G-enabled smartphones

This way more consum­ers will enjoy benefi­ts of fast intern­et

September 20, 2017

China-nominated managing director for PSX ‘faces opposition’

Manage­ment wants Canadi­an Richar­d Morin, some broker­s feel appoin­tment would be too expens­ive

September 19, 2017

Hascol looks to raise Rs4b for expansion along CPEC

Will constr­uct oil storag­e facili­ty, open retail outlet­s

September 15, 2017

SSGC sets up theft control dept to rein in losses

Compan­y's securi­ty offici­al believ­es high networ­k losses deter foreig­n invest­ors

September 13, 2017

Leading business houses plan to set up fourth LNG terminal

Will invest $120m and consum­e import­ed gas in their manufa­cturin­g units

September 13, 2017

Impact on trade: Rupee overvalued by 10%, says Tarin

Ex-minist­er believ­es extern­al debt is not the immedi­ate challe­nge, but export reviva­l is

September 12, 2017