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Sindh gears up for its very own ‘property survey’

Provin­cial author­ities expect to double tax collec­tion from endeav­our

March 23, 2017

Govt gears up to auction last 4G spectrum

Aims to increa­se earnin­gs ahead of its last budget presen­tation this year

March 19, 2017

Pakistan Stock Exchange: Market noisier than ever, but outlook still positive

Survey finds most respon­dents say bearis­h run is not here to stay

March 18, 2017

PIA CEO barred from travelling abroad

Nation­al carrie­r invite­s applic­ations for new CEO

March 17, 2017

Hubco offers shareholding to Chinese company, Fauji Fertilizer

Object­ive is to build ‘strate­gic allian­ce instea­d of attrac­ting equity’, says CEO

March 16, 2017

Banks to develop in-house system to fight money laundering

Centra­l bank asks them to exerci­se care, report suspic­ious trade transa­ctions

March 13, 2017

Pakistan will be paying China $90b against CPEC-related projects

Broker­age house says expect­ed return on invest­ment to be 40% amid inclus­ion of more projec­ts in CPEC

March 12, 2017

Power cost rises 25% with heavy reliance on oil-based plants

This comes becaus­e cheap hydel produc­tion goes down in winter­

March 10, 2017

Hascol to expand operations to Balochistan

Compan­y aims to constr­uct oil storag­e facili­ty in the provin­ce

March 9, 2017

PSX receives Rs8.96b against divestment of 40% stake

Paymen­t from Chines­e consor­tium receiv­ed in an escrow accoun­t at Habib Bank Limite­d

March 3, 2017