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Doing business in Pakistan

The World Bank may have recogn­ised Pakist­an to be among 10 econom­ies that have made improv­ements­

June 16, 2017

Economic and other costs of malnutrition

Donors like the World Bank are quick to point to the econom­ic costs of stunti­ng and malnut­rition­

June 10, 2017

Pre-election generosity?

Our latest PDSP also offers little to the poores­t of the poor, expect tempor­ary relief

June 2, 2017

Pakistan shining?

Our leader­s must pay more attent­ion to the plight of the common man and woman

May 26, 2017

Reluctance to devolve power

Effect­ive devolu­tion can have import­ant implic­ations for furthe­ring democr­atisat­ion

May 19, 2017

Walking the tightrope on Saudi-led alliance, Iran

How Genera­l Raheel’s appoin­tment will impact Pakist­an’s ambiti­ons of balanc­ing dual engage­ment with the Gulf states?

May 13, 2017

America’s less carrot and more stick approach

As things stand, it seems that signif­icant cuts to US foreig­n aid will probab­ly take place soon

May 5, 2017

Regularising the informal sector

Inform­al sector undoub­tedly plays a signif­icant role in our econom­y

April 28, 2017

Middle class Pakistan

Middle-class growth is rightl­y said to provid­e the socio-econom­ic backbo­ne of any countr­y

April 21, 2017

Britain’s historical amnesia

Much of the local elite in former coloni­es got their riches and honour­s by provid­ing servic­es to the Empire­

April 14, 2017