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Campus violence: causes and remedies

Campus violen­ce is on the rise in univer­sities across Pakist­an, accord­ing to recent media report­s

October 13, 2017

How to counter troubling perceptions

India has done a better job of articu­lating its concer­ns about Pakist­an in key sphere­s of influe­nce in DC and beyond­

October 6, 2017

The unfounded fear of ‘love jihad’

‘love jihad’ is an illust­ration of the myopic and xenoph­obic mental­ity which is increa­singly gainin­g tracti­on in India

September 29, 2017

Bangladesh’s unravelling secularism

A countr­y that has seen much traged­y since half centur­y existe­nce can overco­me its troubl­ing legacy of dynast­ic rule

September 22, 2017

India’s internal frictions

There is a long histor­y of region­al discon­tent within India, some of which has dissip­ated but much contin­ues to fester­

September 15, 2017

Deciphering the BRICS declaration

India and China will be able to forge an indepe­ndent path of bilate­ral and region­al cooper­ation

September 8, 2017

Adding fuel to the fire

To temper Pakist­an, Tiller­son has since acknow­ledged that resolv­ing the Kashmi­r issue could bring peace in Afghan­istan

September 1, 2017

India’s crisis of secularism

The fact remain­s that Gandhi himsel­f wove Hindui­sm into the freedo­m moveme­nt to broade­n its appeal to the masses­

August 25, 2017

New US strategy for Afghanistan

Pakist­ani state and intell­igents­ia may consid­er that US is making it a scapeg­oat for its own failur­e in Afghan­istan

August 18, 2017

Buckle up for another bumpy ride

Relati­ons betwee­n the curren­t US admini­strati­on and Pakist­an are becomi­ng turbul­ent

August 11, 2017