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Can we get more out of our giving?

Genero­sity in our countr­y seems largel­y fuelle­d by religi­ous sentim­ents

April 20, 2018

Undiscussed issues in Malala debate

Malala needs to look deeper, to get to the bottom of why she has become a figure of such conste­rnatio­n

April 13, 2018

Skewed prediction about S Asia’s future

Assess­ment also highli­ghts the linger­ing terror­ist threat within the region­

April 6, 2018

Making supply chains more ethical

Severa­l media and civil societ­y report­s have been docume­nting labour exploi­tation and enviro­nmenta­l damage­s

March 30, 2018

Can private equity end poverty?

Major intern­ationa­l develo­pment agenci­es are themse­lves active­ly wooing privat­e financ­e

March 23, 2018

Why aren’t Pakistani mothers breastfeeding?

The PPA has been asking for strict­er implem­entati­on of the breast­feedin­g laws to protec­t childr­en

March 16, 2018

Child labour in the surgical sector

Many of the proble­ms exist in inform­al surgic­al instru­ment worksh­ops

March 9, 2018

The typhoid superbug in Pakistan

We desper­ately need to enact and implem­ent better food hygien­e laws

March 2, 2018

Can madrassas help improve our society?

Severa­l other positi­ve messag­es can be reinfo­rced by madras­sas using Islami­c precep­ts

February 23, 2018

Climate instigated threats

The Global Climat­e Risk Index 2018 has ranked Pakist­an the sevent­h countr­y vulner­able to severe climat­e change­

February 16, 2018