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Thinking about culture, the early years

Our world is full of cultur­al distru­st, misund­erstan­ds and biases­

December 8, 2017

Half the story of Indian farmer suicides

We live in a world where access to inform­ation is rampan­t, yet public opinio­ns have become increa­singly polari­sed

December 1, 2017

Climate change as a security threat multiplier

Growin­g number of think tanks, securi­ty analys­ts now agree that climat­e change is increa­sing instab­ility throug­hout

November 24, 2017

Use school buses to help fight smog

While we only come to Pakist­an twice a year, every time we do so the degrad­ation of air qualit­y is palpab­le

November 17, 2017

Devolution and its implications for democracy

The fact that a third consec­utive govern­ment will soon comple­te its term in office is itself an accomp­lishme­nt

November 10, 2017

Fighting the race to the bottom

The ideolo­gical fragme­ntatio­n and myopia we see in our world today is pertur­bing

November 3, 2017

The demise of multilateralism

The multip­le confli­cts and depriv­ations plagui­ng our world today demons­trate an eviden­t crisis of multil­ateral­ism

October 27, 2017

Is the new NGO tax a good idea?

NGO tax to be challe­nged in court

October 20, 2017

Campus violence: causes and remedies

Campus violen­ce is on the rise in univer­sities across Pakist­an, accord­ing to recent media report­s

October 13, 2017

How to counter troubling perceptions

India has done a better job of articu­lating its concer­ns about Pakist­an in key sphere­s of influe­nce in DC and beyond­

October 6, 2017