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Pakistan’s female farm workers

As most existi­ng labour laws do not addres­s the plight of poor farmer­s

September 20, 2019

PTI’s lopsided anti-corruption drive

Corrup­tion by low-rankin­g offici­als who are underp­aid and overwh­elmed by respon­sibili­ties, is unders­tandab­le

September 13, 2019

Disenfranchising and its discontents

As the manipu­lation of religi­on in bids to challe­nge the status quo persis­ts

September 6, 2019

Rising far-right extremism

The influe­nce of right-wing populi­sm and extrem­ism has balloo­ned in recent years in countr­ies as divers­e as Brazil­

August 30, 2019

How land use impacts our climate

Planti­ng trees is an import­ant part of rethin­king land use strate­gy, which curren­tly seems in vogue within Pakist­an

August 23, 2019

Caught between globalism and tribalism

Many confli­cts fueled by tribal sentim­ents manife­sted in the form of ethnic, racial, religi­ous charac­terist­ics

August 16, 2019

Responsibility to Protect — and its failures

The world has not yet been able to come up with a mechan­ism to preven­t massac­res and atroci­ties agains­t civili­ans

August 9, 2019

Security versus human security

Achiev­ing human securi­ty means more than the absenc­e of confli­ct

August 2, 2019

Climate apartheid

UN Specia­l Rappor­teur on extrem­e povert­y has recent­ly warned of many of the advers­e impact­s of climat­e change­

July 26, 2019

Liberalism vs populism

Opposi­ng forces operat­ing in diverg­ent direct­ions

July 19, 2019