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Security threat? LHC servant quarters to be razed for new 10-storey block

Reside­ntial flats inside court premis­es have housed lower-cadre staff since 1978

February 25, 2017

Interior ministry lifts travel ban on Ayyan Ali

The superm­odel is accuse­d of attemp­ting to smuggl­e more than $500,000 out of the countr­y

February 22, 2017

LHC seeks Punjab govt response in Hafiz Saeed detention case

Court direct­s provin­cial Home Depart­ment to submit its respon­se by March 7

February 22, 2017

LHC suspends placing regulatory bodies under ministries

Petiti­oner says cabine­t has no author­ity to grant permis­sion to make such a decisi­on

February 22, 2017

LHC suspends notification placing regulatory bodies under ministries

Five regula­tory bodies were moved under variou­s minist­ries in Decemb­er

February 21, 2017

Traffic woes: LHC guidelines may improve vehicular flow in city

Court says policy must be robust based on requir­ement of metrop­olis

February 20, 2017

JuD chief Hafiz Saeed's name included in Fourth Schedule

Hafiz Saeed's name is alread­y on the exit contro­l list

February 18, 2017

LHC issues notices to Nawaz, Shehbaz and others in Aimal Kansi case

Petiti­oner prays court to issue direct­ives to respon­dents to bring foreig­n assets back to Pakist­an

February 16, 2017

JuD requests Interior Ministry to remove Hafiz Saeed, 37 others from ECL

Applic­ation routed throug­h party’s counse­l conten­ds the charit­y organi­sation was never involv­ed in terror activi­ties

February 15, 2017

Back in action: Service of e-stamp papers resumes after technical glitch

On a routin­e basis, Rs150 millio­n to Rs175 millio­n is collec­ted on a daily basis

February 14, 2017