Monsoon magic in Mumbai

The city looks the best during this season. The skyline changes from crimson to blue to grey. I pop spicy pani puris which make me cry or chana chor garam on the road.

Zoha Tapia August 07, 2010
The monsoons have always been special for every Bombayite/Mumbaikar, and no matter how much the BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) tries to make us hate the rains with the potholes, mismanaged traffic and water logging, one can’t help love the monsoon magic.

The city looks the best during this season as the skyline changes colours from different hues of crimson to blue to grey. Those endless walks on Marine Drive, Carter Road and Worli Sea Face suddenly seem to have a different appeal all together. The wind blows through your hair and the waves kiss your cheeks during high tide and splash onto the roads. Even Mumbai’s latest entrant - the Bandra Worli Sea Link has added to the beauty of monsoons. Driving in the midst of the ocean with the rains slashing against your car gives you different high all together. The only dampener is the speed limit. Also the view of the city is amazing especially with the foggy skyline.

How can I forget the fun of eating roadside food during the rains? Popping spicy pani puris which make you cry or eating chana chor garam as the smell of bhutta’s fill the air and even A1 sandwiches seem hard to resist.

The rains even change the atmosphere in my office. Everything seems so lazy. When it turns dark and grey outside its ironic how everyone in unison feels like having some chai or the canteenwalla’s coffee along with some kanda bhajia or hot wada pavs. It’s as though the rains and hunger pangs have some deep connection with each other.

Stuck in the Mumbai traffic, I look outside the window and  see street kids jumping in puddles, dancing in the rains or making paper boats float brings  and  the scenes bring a smile to my face. It’s as though the rains have washed away all my troubles and made the world a better place. All you feel like doing is getting out in the rain tossing that umbrella and getting wet.

However, August is here and there is only a month more of the rains. After that it is summer heat and humidity all year long. These three months of monsoons are truly a blessing in disguise.
Zoha Tapia A freelance journalist who lives in Bombay
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Anoop | 13 years ago | Reply The Pav-Bhaji you get in Juhu beach is the best in the world.. Yummy is the word..
Dr. Salim Hosein | 13 years ago | Reply Nice one Zoha! Loved it.
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