I love my country. Do you?

Who loves their country Pakistan, the most — the residents or the expats?

Saadia Qamar November 13, 2011
This is a question that’s debated quite often these days, by both, people who have lived in this country and those who are of Pakistani origin but live overseas. Often, seen in the drawing rooms as the tea trolley moves around, the argument grows to be a heated one but the million dollar question remains, “Who loves their country Pakistan, the most — the residents or the expats?”

Come to think of it, each group has a role to play inside Pakistan or outside of it. And we don’t need to love Pakistan and be patriotic because we listen to Dil Dil Pakistan, it is something that grows within each one of us, from our days as children. And this applies to Pakistanis who live in Pakistan or those who live in foreign lands.

Even those who live overseas show their love for their homeland by sending back money, which helps its economy, or they invest their incomes in the land of origin. Many overseas Pakistanis also give sizeable donations to charities in Pakistan funding quality and proven initiatives such as The Citizens Foundation or Edhi. And when they do this, it shows that there are people who love this country dearly, despite its flaws and its scars.

Charity no doubt begins at home. How charitable are you in person, to anybody who is in want of alms is a question few will raise their hands to answer in public, but yes, one needs to see that thy neighbour does not go hungry at night. Too many ideals, but who follows philosophical lectures.

A nation needs the sincere love of its citizens to be liberated from the clutches of foreign dictates. Feeding one poor person, on any given day will for sure, not make you a beggar, but it will feed a Pakistani, someone who is your compatriot and less fortunate than you, who nonetheless deserves a warm meal.

We can show the love for our country by involving ourselves in such activities which seek to help those less fortunate than us.
Saadia Qamar
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