Men: a different breed

Record proves that more sacrificing has been the love of a woman, more giving and forgiving.

Saadia Qamar February 08, 2013
Cruelty knows no bounds and all we humans suffer.

The fairer sex is mostly the one who suffers the cruel death that takes the final breath away. Be it Indian Nirbhaya or South African Reeva. Some men, like Nirbhaya’s boyfriend, are perfect examples of tragic Hamlets in our midst, while others like Oscar Pistorius, the double amputee track star, are like Shakespeare’s outright cruel Othello!

Whatever the case may be, when we talk of men, we end up defining them as a different breed altogether, a breed if not confusing like the fairer sex, is at times, considered more violent and less humane in its dealings with others.

It only takes a sensual soul like poet Robert Browning to tend to a sick wife Elizabeth Barrett-Browning and not like the cold Ted Hughs to desert Sylvia Plath.


History is filled with humankind of all sorts that has looted, raped, plundered and recklessly murdered the fairer sex. But there has been archival evidence of pure love taking on the stride, of standing beside your man, in the troubled hour.

Record proves that more sacrificing has been the love of a woman, more giving and forgiving. However, men’s disproportionate level of harm that sheer jealousy, ruthless envy commits, or plain, simple murder does, nobody can ever account for!


It takes a heart of gold, which a woman usually bears the results of in foregoing the torrid weather of the past that happened in the manly domain.

To forgive and to forget.

Today, how many men will stand up and say that they don’t hold a grudge in their hearts for some woman or the other?

How many will defy the order of the day and marry for the sake of true love?

How many will stand up for their spouses in the hour of need?

The percentage will likely fall below the water level.

Sadly, that is the case at the global level, of the 21st century that we live in; we are still not completely humans and we travel back to the Stone Ages.

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Saadia Qamar
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