2005 Earthquake: Voice of Allai

Standards of health, hygiene and education in Allai have increased due to the development projects initiated in 2007.

Maati Tv October 09, 2011
On October 8 2005, a massive earthquake of magnitude 7.6 stuck Pakistan. It affected 3.5 million people and killed 87,000. Allai was one of the most affected areas in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, with over 2,188 people dead and 256 injured.

In 2007, the partnership of the recovery program for the development of Allai was initiated by Save the Children, Sungi Foundation, Church World Service and the Interactive Resource Centre.

Save the Children has constructed 15 schools, it has trained teachers, and is working to improve standards of health and nutrition. Thirty-eight thousand people now have access to clean water in Allai thanks to their efforts. Sungi Foundation, on the other hand,  has introduced newspapers and is working to provide electricity to areas in the village. Moreover, it has started a forest plantation programme to protect the village against landslides. The Church World Service, too, is working to improve the standards of health, hygiene, and education.

This video shows footage of the efforts conducted by the above mentioned organisations and the gratitude of the people their work has affected.

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