Revisiting the Gojra tragedy

The Gojra incident reminds us how injustice against minorities continues to prevail in Pakistan.

Maati Tv May 30, 2012
Religious minorities are facing numerous hardships and increasing insecurity in Pakistan. According to an official report, over 96% of Pakistan’s population is Muslim, the remaining consisting of religious minorities such as Christians, Hindus, Ahmadiyas, Parsis, Buddhists and Sikhs. 

One such incident of religious violence against the minorities is the Gojra incident; when a group of Muslims in 2009 set the establishments on fire and looted the Catholic church in the Gojra district of Toba Tek Singh. Eight Christians were killed as a result of this incident, while many were injured.

Later, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan released a report which stated that the Gojra incident was preplanned. It revealed that even though the police had information beforehand, they didn’t take any precautionary measures to avoid it.

It is apparent that the subject of inter-religious conflicts can’t be sidelined and need to be dealt with on an immediate basis.

We should remind ourselves that the father of our nation, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, laid the foundation of our country on the premise of religious freedom, impartial government and equality for all. Unfortunately, the picture being painted today depicts a very sorry state of the country.

This video talks about that horrific day from 2009 that destroyed many families. It also reminds us how injustice continues to prevail in Pakistan. One wonders when the government will wake up from its slumber and provide protection to all the citizens of its country.

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Gupt Rogue | 12 years ago | Reply Shame.
villa for rent in ajman | 12 years ago | Reply When this was happened i was in Gojra at that time .I really really hurts from all of this tragedy .According to my point of view it is just a collapse of security and is failure of our Govt.Minorities are also Pakistanis and they have full right of living here .
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