Video blog: Are you afraid of dengue?

Why didn't the government perform fumigation drives beforehand?

Maati Tv October 05, 2011
The dengue virus scare has taken top become priority for many across Punjab. With constant warnings to take precautions  across the media there has been widespread panic and people - even those with a mild fever believe they have contracted the dreaded dengue fever.

This video features interviews with doctors, patients and pharmacists to get a few facts on the virus.

In the video an expert describes dengue as a Flvivirus, which has six antigens. He states that currently, there are 4 antigens in Pakistan, and  a vaccination is not present yet as this virus has too many types.  He goes on to tell the viewer that a Complete Blood Count (CBC) test is performed to gauge whether dengue has been contracted or not. If the platelet count is below 150,000 then the patient is considered to be at risk, however, more tests need to be performed in order to state this with absolute certainty. He further states that the patient is considered to be in the acute phase if he/she is bleeding or hemorrhaging from the mouth or nose.

Experts in the video say antibiotics are not effective as a cure and a pharmacist interviewed claims that the demand for Panadol has sharply risen.

Patients complain that hospitals are functioning beyond capacity and there are limited blood testing kits. Furthermore, people are resentful that the government did not conduct fumigation drives before the monsoon season.

The viewer is left with the plea to take precautions, and not to let clean water remain stagnant anywhere, as the mosquito that carries the dengue virus breeds on clean water.

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LOveableLion | 12 years ago | Reply In a country Like ours, One would hardly define word "Fear".. We Pakistanies are experienced enough to watch Death each day. It shouldnt be matter atall, because in the end of all crisis death is must n i think except Hira noOne fears death here, or probably wouldnt be knowing definite meaning of fear...
HIra | 12 years ago | Reply I'm afraid of dengue! So many people I know have got it.
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