10 things I learnt as an intern

Prepare yourself for disdainful looks from the peon - interns are the lowest wrung of the corporate ladder.

Sumbul Ateeq July 10, 2011
At some companies 'intern' is just a word for 'sastay mazdoor' or cheap labour. So  interns, you should be glad if you're given some decent work to do. Or else, you might have to go pick up pastries from the bakery for a newly promoted employee.

Here are a few facts I learned during my internship

1. The photocopier is your best friend.

2. Cafeteria food will always taste bland and yet there will be a mad dash for biryani every Friday.

3. While interning, nine to five will be the only time you will get to do your home work, assignments and quiz preparation.

4. The boss will ‘always’ notice you when you're texting and ‘never’ when you're working.

5. The stipend is just never enough to cover the food/transport costs.

6. The end of internship report will be a big pain in the derriere.

7. There is always an exceptionally cute 50-year-old uncle wearing suspenders and glasses on your floor with a food baby going into its seventh month.

8. Be punctual. Never have I appreciated the importance of being punctual but when I get up at 1 o'clock sharp for lunch and  5 o'clock to head home.

9. Look busy do nothing. Honing this super-useful skill helps you get appreciative looks from your boss even when all you're doing is secretly typing a blog at your office computer!

10. I have found seating plays an important role in how you are treated. If you sit near the boss then viola! People will automatically take you for the new boss. But, if you have the sad misfortune of finding yourself wedged between two cubicles, then even the peon won't hesitate to tell you to stay out of his way when he does his 'work'.

Regardless of all the light-hearted talk, I actually enjoy interning. My next internship starts the coming Monday!
Sumbul Ateeq A business student at SZABIST who loves photography.
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pardesi | 12 years ago | Reply Always keep your distance from Bill Clinton.
Babar Khan Javed | 12 years ago | Reply I do hope that someday you get a shot at GlaxoSmithKline; of the 7 corporations I've been at (4 internships, 3 jobs), I've never treated with as high regard, respect and value as GSK Pakistan granted. Good luck on the current one :)
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