Shame on us Muslims

Kuwaiti leader Mutairi's suggestion that the purchase of female prisoners as sex slaves be legalized is appalling.

Sumbul Ateeq June 09, 2011
I write this for one reason and one reason only. To say sorry for the shameful statement by Kuwaiti leader Salwa al Mutairi, for her suggestion that the purchase of female prisoners as sex slaves be legalized.
"Go and buy those and sell them here in Kuwait. Better than to have our men engage in forbidden sexual relations"

Her words have not only put the entire Muslim world to shame and deplorable pits of hatred but has reinforced the wrong perception held by the rest of the world that we, the Muslims are nothing but barbarians.

This myopic, narrow minded and shallow thinking suggests that ‘decent’ men in Kuwait should be allowed to buy sex slaves to protect themselves from adultery.

On sheer humanitarian grounds I ask:
Is this really the face of humanity projected by the Muslim world, more so a Muslim woman?

Does any woman, regardless of their race, culture, religion and gender really deserve such treatment?

The thing that infuriates me to no end is that the lady talks about how to subside men’s urges by something so heinous in the name of avoiding another sin.

What she was thinking when she suggested this idea, is beyond me.

Did she forget to consider how she would feel if she were a woman who was sold in this way?

Did she stop to think even once about the mothers, daughters and sisters she walks around with, on a daily basis?

What really kills my soul is her feeble attempt at trying to justify her suggestions. How gallant of her to “suggest” that the women sold should be above 15-years-old. Mutari actually claimed the sold women will have a better life.

So yes, I am sorry - on behalf of the entire Muslim world which thinks that the lady had officially lost her marbles for suggesting something like this.

I am sorry from every man, woman and child in the country who stands for peace and serenity the world over.

I don’t blame the world for thinking ill of us when stories like this crop up.

I want the world to see us in a better light because I believe that people like Mutari do not represent Muslims. Maybe I’m wrong, but maybe you aren’t right either.
Sumbul Ateeq A business student at SZABIST who loves photography.
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