Azaadi is expected to bring to viewers a story of struggle, passion, and sacrifice. PHOTO: IMDB

Will ‘Azaadi’ be able to aptly capture the dream of a free Kashmir?

Considering the sensitivity of the issue, one wonders if it'll be able to rightly show their struggle post occupation.

Muhammad Omar Iftikhar May 04, 2018
The latest offering to come from Lollywood is Azaadi, which circles around the dream of a free Kashmir. Judging by the trailer, the movie is packed with action that will, perhaps to some extent, keep the viewers at the edge of their seats.

The cast consists of Moammar Rana, the legendary Nadeem Baig, and young, talented television actresses such as Sonya Hussyn, Mariam Ansari and Erum Azam.

Rana plays the role of Azaad, who leaves his home and family behind to become a freedom fighter in Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK).

While the story of the movie, including what compelled Azaad to take this path, will be revealed once we watch the movie, the trailer does reveal certain aspects. For one, the movie is shot in exotic outdoor locations that will certainly add production value.

Moreover, Hussyn has proved her mettle as a television actress, as whatever bits and pieces we get to see of her in the trailer showcase her acting skills and talent.

Azaadi is expected to bring to the viewers a story of struggle, passion and sacrifice. Hussyn plays the role of Zara, a British-origin, Pakistani journalist who interviews Azaad and wants to publicise his struggles. A noteworthy dialogue Zara utters in the trailer does set the premise of what might have changed Azaad’s perspective on life:
Jahan tak main tumhain jaanti houn, tum ek peace loving insaan thay!

(As far as I know you, you were a peace-loving person)

This line gives us some clue that a transition in thought took place for Azaad, which made him choose a path of hardship and sacrifice in the name of freedom.

Furthermore, the trailer also reveals a romantic element in the form of a love affair between Zara and Azaad, which might have brewed after Zara interviewed Azaad.

The stunts in the movie, though, seem digitally produced. However, interestingly, the trailer only shows the jungles and forests where Azaad and his fellow fighters fight against the Indian forces. Perhaps the areas depicting the inner parts of IoK will be shown in the movie.

Freedom of Kashmir has been an ongoing issue for decades. Considering the sensitivity of the issue, it would be interesting to see how this movie approaches it. One wonders if Azaadi will be able to explain and illuminate the audiences of why and how Kashmir was occupied by India, and also appropriately show the struggles Kashmiris have been enduring since occupation.

While Rana has been a popular actor in Pakistani cinema for many years, time will tell if choosing him as a lead character was worth it. Obviously, Shaan Shahid could have been cast in the lead role in his place, however, he has already appeared in a number of action-thriller war films in the recent past.

Rana has proved to be one of the most talented romantic movie actors. His acting skills in Azaadi, if delivered with perfection, will add value to his career. Along with action, the songs of the movie have been performed by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Quratulain Balouch, Sahir Ali Bagga, Jabar Abbas and Shafqat Amanat Ali, which will certainly bring melody to the action that surrounds the film.

The movie is set to release on Eidul Fitr 2018.

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