The trailer manages to set the mood and theme of the movie and what viewers should expect from it. PHOTO: IMDB

In the land of Raj and Simran, will Varun Dhawan‘s ‘October’ tell a different love story?

The movie will not be akin to Bollywood movies that include a boy, a girl and a love story entwining their faith.

Muhammad Omar Iftikhar March 15, 2018
October, starring Varun Dhawan, Banita Sandhu and Gitanjali Rao, is not your clichéd love story, as the trailer highlights; it’s more along the lines of a story about love itself. We’d only be able to tell what exactly the story is once the movie is out, however, the trailer does manage to set the mood and theme of the movie and what viewers should expect from it.

The movie will not be akin to Bollywood movies that include a boy, a girl and a love story entwining their faith. Dhawan plays an employee of a hotel, probably a five-star hotel, aspiring to move up the ladder in his profession. It would be interesting to see the life of hotel employees from the point-of-view of Dhawan’s character, Dan.

The movie also reveals the life of Dan’s friend, Shiuli, played by debutant Sandhu, who is in the ICU. A certain level of mystery hangs in the trailer regarding Shiuli’s health as the curiosity of what really happened to her will perhaps be the question for which viewers will watch this movie. Judging by the trailer, it seems romance takes a backseat in this movie while feelings of compassion and longing will be evident.

Although Dan is a young employee at the hotel, it seems that the character will experience ‘coming of age’ while trying to adjust in his personal and professional life. It might be that his concern for Shiuli's well-being will make him mature enough to understand his responsibilities. This is just my opinion and what I grasped from the trailer.

October’s trailer opens with Dan asking his friends about someone and why they hid a certain secret from him. Perhaps, it is in this secret that lays the friendship of Dan and Shiuli.

Furthermore, it seems the movie will have ample shots of beautiful sceneries that will add to its production value.

Shoojit Sircar, the Director of October, has previously made Bengali films; however, this movie is his sixth movie as a director and the first that he has made with Dhawan. It will be interesting to note how much value he has added to the movie while keeping in mind that Dhawan, apart from being a popular name, is an actor who is all about intensity, which shows both in his dialogue delivery and facial expressions.

On the other hand, Juhi Chaturvedi, the writer of October, has only written three movies before taking up October as her career's fourth venture. However, the movies she worked on, including Vicky Donor (2012) and Piku (2015), did earn various awards in the Best Story and Best Screenplay category. Here is hoping that October meets the same faith!

While the trailer for the movie highlights witty dialogues, one can never be too sure until they watch the movie. All in all, I am personally looking forward to watching October for it will show us a new perspective on love and romance.

October is set to release on April 13, 2018.

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