Stop attacking our military!

The military is about a lot more than privileges, favours. Being a naval officer's daughter I know their sacrifices.

Sana Abid May 25, 2011
On behalf of the armed forces in Pakistan, I address this article to all the civilians who think the forces are all about privileges and favours.

Being a Pakistani, and a patriotic one at that, I assure you all that you people are mistaken. No doubt corruption of different scales does exist in some departments, as it does everywhere else, but only the people who’ve actually been there can understand the amount of hardships the soldiers go through before they even begin to reach the level they actually get privileges.

Being a daughter of a naval officer, I’ve seen and heard many stories about the navy:
Fauj hamara paisa kha gayee (the military has taken all our money).”

Humaray tax ke paiso pe palney walay log (those who live on our taxes).”

“It’s really embarrassing to see our tax money go to waste on the armed forces.”

It’s really sad and rather disappointing to hear such comments, as I’ve seen the rough times my dad has had to go through.

It’s not that every officer is given privileges right from the start. An ample amount of struggle is required to even dream of reaching that level. I remember not seeing my dad for months when I was a child – heck, he wasn’t even there when I was born, as he was always out on open sea, and I assure you, it’s no picnic out there – you have a limited supply of food and water, small cabins to spend your entire day in, and you are totally cut-off from the outside world.

This is not even 10 per cent of the hardships our soldiers go through in their junior life. I am not even mentioning the trainings and punishments they go through during their lives as cadets.

So to everyone who complains about the facilities they’re given, I say this: they’ve earned it.

I am not speaking about the navy alone; all three of our forces encounter severe problems. Their jobs demand dedication, sincerity, propriety and commitment. So remember, when they go on to do their jobs daily, they’re not only ‘working’ but also ‘serving’ their country, their people and their homeland.

These people are under oath to protect the country and they stand by it whenever needed. If the time requires them to sacrifice themselves, they don’t even wait to blink their eyes, they just do it.

Thirteen soldiers were martyred in the attack on PNS Mehran in Karachi, and several were injured, just so we can live our lives peacefully in an independent state. Our country has dealt with enemies ever since it was created, but it still stands because of the valour of our soldiers.

So I ask you:

What basis do you have to criticise the armed forces on?

What have you actually done to protect your state?

Wake up people, this is our home, our nation, our Pakistan we are talking about. If you can’t do something about it, at least don’t discourage the ones who are actually striving for their nation’s security.

At the end I will say that these people are working hard, day and night to ensure the safety of our country. They are the reason we get to sleep soundly at night.

The least we can do is respect them.

Be proud of the brave soldiers. I know I am.

I salute you Pakistan’s armed forces. Pakistan Zindabad!
Sana Abid An engineering student based in Islamabad.
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Bilal Abbas | 12 years ago | Reply For God's sake girl grow up first and then talk about these things; it is obvious they are way above your intellectual capacity. My father's in the armed forces too, nevertheless you need to analyze these things objectively and not emotionally. I don't even know where to start off rebutting your piece, so i'm thinking i'll save myself the ordeal.
Yasir Hasan | 12 years ago | Reply Oh cmon.. what a load of crap... we pay taxes and you guys enjoy the life full of facilities... you guys get the best guys play golf with our money for crying out loud... you guys get the plots and residence in Askaris, DHAs with our money...we work for our whole life and have to settle for a 2 bed room flat or banglow... look at your performance... 1948 war, partially won due to efforts of Kashmiris, 1965 well 50% 50%, 1971 do I need to say a word, 1999 Kargil a blunder... If forces were in private sector, they must have been shutdown, acquired or merged after this pathetic and lousy performance... Whenever, there is a crisis time on country, it is the Awaam that is asked to contribute, forces are never asked to curtail their expenses...Have you seen uniform personals' attitude with civilians? They don't even consider us human beings... Don't believe me.. have you seen the unnecessary signal before Drig Road (in Karachi), just to accommodate the army people, why can't they wait or take u-turn just like all of us... Have you seen the new bridge at PAF (again Karachi), the flyover is just to facilitate the base and now if you have to take the u-turn from Drig road station, you have to go all the way to Karsaz, a good 5 to 6 kilometer extra travel...these holy people can't give the way to civilians... Police is also assigned to protect us citizens, have you ever seen the way they are forced to live? no... you people have 2 3 batmen and people are being fired from different organizations because of over hiring... This is "andher nagri" and you guys please continue to have all your plots and continue to play golf and take rides in C130s.. but please don't say pathetic words to justify it all... and make us feel bad what we think of our good for nothing (barring the flood relief) forces...
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