The trailer reminded me of Vertical Limit and Everest almost immediately. PHOTO: IMDb

Kate Winslet survived in Titanic but will she be able to make it out alive in The Moutain Between Us?

The film seems like a heart-warming and encapsulating tale of survival and companionship which goes against all odds.

Rida Khan September 14, 2017
The upcoming film, The Mountain Between Us, seems like yet another joyride full of jumps, scares and goose bumps. It is based on the book ‘Mountain’ by Charles Martin. The film stars Kate Winslet as Alex, a thriving photojournalist and Idris Elba as Ben, a neurosurgeon.

Furthermore, it is the Palestinian directors, Hany Abu Assad’s, Hollywood debut and trust me, if you love survival films you are in for a treat.

How can anyone not love a film with Rose from Titanic starring in it? Our all-time favourite survivor is seen in numerous excruciating conditions, from surviving underwater to manoeuvring the wildlife of the mountains.

The trailer of The Mountain Between Us reminded me of Vertical Limit and Everest.  The aforementioned films plots revolve around mountaineers attempting to summit the K2 and Mount Everest. The upcoming movie, however, seems to have a different plot.

The story revolves around two protagonists who undertake a task that ultimately results in a plane crash and they end up stranded in the mountains. What follows after the fateful crash includes sequences of bonding between two strangers. It remains to be seen whether both of them get out alive or not.

From the looks of it, the trailer seems great. The backdrop of the movie is breathtaking with its snow covered jagged peaks.

Moreover, we have mostly seen Winslet work in literary films, romantic comedies and dramas. Thus, it will be exciting to see her playing the role of a survivor this time, which is more or less similar to her role in Titanic.

The film illustrates how two hands and minds are better than one. These two strangers need to collaborate in order to push each other to survive. Moreover, the trailer makes it easy to imagine yourself in the protagonists’ shoes.

On a lighter note, the scenic beauty of the film looks encapsulating. The mountainous terrain is incredible and leaves the audience wanting to see more. Simultaneously, the audience is also craving to know what will happen next in the movie. I, for one, am rooting for the protagonists to overcome the obstacles and get out alive of the immobilising circumstances.

They survived the crash but will they survive the mountains?

Judging by the trailer, it seems Alex and Ben will not just sit back and wait for a rescue party and instead struggle to find a way to get out alive. This aspect will make the movie all the more interesting to watch since it adds an element of thrill.

However, from where I am watching, it seems like the film will be a heart-warming tale of survival and a companionship which goes against all odds.

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Rida Khan
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