Beauty and the Beast: Nostalgia, magic, and eternal happiness

Disney lovers won't be disappointed in the new release as it preserves all the beloved elements of the original movie.

Fatima Raza November 18, 2016
The mystic air

The maiden fair

Of how she meets

And fairly greets

The towering man

With the face of a beast

But she does not wince

Or whimper or cower

For he may be huge

And tall may he tower

She is brave and bold

With a heart made of gold

She will win his heart

And calm his soul

His fangs will soften

His face will be smooth

With a touch of love

She will tame and soothe

For there is no bigger spell

Than the spell of love

All curses are undone

And demons turn to doves

The new trailer of Disney’s famed Beauty and the Beast, has sent many into childhood reveries and it seemed to have woken up the poet in me. Emma Watson personifies beauty as ‘Belle’ in this movie as millions will wait upon her fondly to see her perform a tale as old as time itself.

The trailer released only a few days ago and has already surpassed Fifty Shades Darker, as the most reviewed trailer in such a short time. Dan Stevens (CGI) plays the beast in all of its ferocious glory. The movie is set to hit theaters on March 17, 2017. As the trailer begins, the trademark Disney castle appears while Menkin’s magical instrumentals fill our ears and hearts with all the beautiful emotions that such tales of our childhood bring. Through careful comparison, it is evident that the trailer has been recreated with utmost care from the 1990’s fan-loved animation of the movie. The Disney lovers will not be disappointed in the new release as it preserves all the beloved elements of the original movie and adds a refined quality for its viewers.

Director Bill Condon must be praised for his casting choices, as Emma Watson has been rightly chosen so that the beloved character of Belle can resonate with the audience and walk right into their hearts. Who is better than Emma Watson to do the job? She is well-loved as a person who is talented, educated, and has devoted her life to humane causes. Her personal identity in connection with the iconic roles that she has already played like ‘Hermione Granger’ from Harry Potter, are enough to strike a resonance with the audience. Being Belle just adds another star to her shiny career. Her slender form and radiant skin glowing in the trademark yellow Belle gown, dancing on the arm of the majestic Beast, as a teaser makes the viewers extremely impatient for the full version.

The Beast has been criticised as it looks different from the original 1990’s version of the villain/hero. However, it is important to remember that the director was not restricted to remain confined to the original content while recreating this old classic. While the beast looks less ferocious than the previous version, it is not fair to judge how much justice has been done to the role at this stage.

The trailer contains the more ‘human’ moments of the character than the animalistic ones and the limelight is all but stolen by Emma Watson. The enchanted castle staff has also been upgraded and refined into magical creatures with almost a life-like quality.

The castle, the animations and the musical genre of the movie has been captured in the trailer, but we look forward eagerly for the full movie. Let’s hope that March brings with it not only the spring, but also the magic that has been promised.
Fatima Raza The author is a Biosciences graduate and a student of MPhil International Relations. She aspires to be an accomplished writer someday.
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