Khuda Mera Bhi hai is definitely worth a watch

We know that Mahgul and Zain will get married and have a child. The child will be an ‘intersex’ baby.

Mahwash Badar November 05, 2016
An alarming trend that often puts many people off from Pakistani dramas is how they tend to glorify patriarchy, domestic violence and misogyny. However, with recent dramas like Nanhi, Chup Reho, Udaari, Sang e Mar Mar, we see that the trend is gradually changing and that dramas are delivering clear cut messages that domestic violence is not okay.

Of late, the play Khuda Mera Bhi Hai touches on these forbidden topics and takes extremely bold steps in sending these messages across. The story revolves around Mahgul, played by Ayesha Khan. Thankfully, Ayesha Khan will now be seen in a strong, sane avatar – which is a healthy change from her weepy, psychopathic role from Mann Mayal. Mahgul is the daughter of a woman who runs an NGO, played by Saba Hamid. Saba Hamid portrays her role effectively and in a way that helps many of those in understanding and liking her character who vilify and hate on ‘NGO aunties’.

In the first episode Mahgul attempts to free her friend from an abusive marriage and the play takes a very clear stance that domestic violence is not okay and violence is not a way for a man to show his love to a woman and that while there are things and instances in a marriage that can be ‘compromised’ on, violence is definitely not one of them.

From the trailer we know that Mahgul and Zain (played by Syed Jibran) will be romantically linked and later will get married and have a child. The child will be an ‘intersex’ baby, though I am unclear as to how correct this term will be, considering we don’t really know how the play moves forward.

Nevertheless, the performances are promising and the plot is definitely something worth watching.
Mahwash Badar
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liberal-lubna-fromLahore | 3 years ago | Reply | Recommend i dont get it. u CANNOT tell if your baby is going to be a transgender at BIRTH. Its ridiculous. If this drama aired in the WEST, theyd be laughing at our stupid mentality.
Ammar Naseer | 3 years ago | Reply | Recommend I don't think it's un-Islamic as much as it's anti-orthodoxy and pro-life and pro-love and pro-therapy. Some people who are unable to think through the issues the show touches might be offended but I actually found it too Islamic in a few scenes. Watch it and decide yourself. ARY has it up on their ARYDigital youtube channel.
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