The Neon Demon: The horrors of going from rags to riches

After his last commercial flop, Only God Forgives, Nicolas Winding Refn is back with another film – The Neon Demon.

Bucket List Reviews October 03, 2016
So, after his last critical and commercial flop, Only God Forgives (2013), Nicolas Winding Refn is back with another film – The Neon Demon.

The Neon Demon is the story of a young girl – played by Elle Fanning – who lacks every bit of talent, except for looking pretty. She decides to become a model and without much hesitation, quickly climbs the ladder of success and in return, her fellow models become envious of her.

But what starts off as a rags to riches success story, quickly ends up turning into a much more psychedelic and horrifying experience.

With previous films like the Pusher trilogy, Drive (2011) and Only God Forgives under his belt, can Nicolas Winding Refn once again prove himself to be one of the leading voices in modern American cinema?

The film stars Elle Fanning, Jena Malone and Keanu Reeves.

Elle FanningPhoto: IMDb

Jena MalonePhoto: IMDb

Elle FanningPhoto: IMDb

Elle Fanning and Abbey LeePhoto: IMDb

Elle FanningPhoto: IMDb

Jena Malone and Elle FanningPhoto: IMDb

Elle FanningPhoto: IMDb

Elle FanningPhoto: IMDb

Abbey LeePhoto: IMDb

Elle FanningPhoto: IMDb
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Keyboard Soldier | 3 years ago | Reply | Recommend The modeling industry is shown as dark and depressing in this movie. Granted, professional jealousy plays a role but then it plays the same role in every other industry. The professionals working in the fashion world do not go around murdering people just to stay relevant, like it was depicted in this movie. This is coming from a guy who works in the fashion industry for a living.
Zain Shahid | 3 years ago | Reply | Recommend I'm sorry, is this supposed to be a review? What exactly does it tell me about the movie? these are just some stills from the movie, and quite frankly, some lazy writing.
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