Hate commenter: Why are you reading this?

Go engage yourself in philanthropic work and visit NGO blogs instead of reading posts you accuse of being shallow!

Laleen Khan January 09, 2011
Yes, you. The one who’s going to post hateful anonymous comments about how all this is a waste of time and how this publication is printing trash and the writer is representing mindless elitists whose only interest is in indulging themselves and not caring about human tragedies and natural disasters.

Yes, you, who takes the time and effort to read all of what is on the ‘Life & Style’ and ‘Gossip’ sections and then refuses to comprehend satire, misunderstands sarcasm, and wastes office working hours on reading ludicrous items like this instead of engaging in philanthropic work and visiting NGO blogs. Go on, close your window.

You didn’t, did you? You’re still reading this. You’re very stubborn. I hope that one day you’ll be able to appreciate that making fun of ourselves and being able to laugh at ourselves isn’t such a bad thing. And that laughter is the best medicine (I wasn’t being sarcastic here).

This is hardly a guilty pleasure. Neither is this yet another earnest monologue on the country’s dismal political economy with lots of hyphenated, complex words thrown in for good measure and written in a loquacious manner to demonstrate the author as an intellectual. Loquacious means long-winded, by the way (yes, that's ironic, very good).

There seem to be way too many people writing about the same things and thinking the same things and doing as little as the next person. I’m just concentrating on making people smile and perhaps raising an eyebrow or two. If I haven’t, then I’m sorry, but I’m glad you’ve read it anyway.

You hated reading this and now you’d really like to post a comment, wouldn’t you?
Laleen Khan An international columnist and media consultant who Tweets @laaleen
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