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Laleen Khan March 02, 2014
This is the time we have all been waiting for. Thought you would miss it? Well buckle up ladies and gentlemen as Laaleen Khan gives you all the Oscar updates you require right here.

Before the event starts, here are some predictions for you to enjoy that were sent to us earlier this year by our bloggers:

Predicting the winners: And the Oscar goes to...

 Oscars 2014: Here are my predictions about who will take home the gold!

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Update: The event starts at 5:30am Pakistan time. @laaleen will start her updates at 5am to make sure you don't miss a thing!

2:00am I’m hoping for some surprise wins instead of the largely predictable names sweeping most of the trophies this awards season (McConaughey, Blanchett, Leto or Law).

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself while waiting for the Oscars red carpet to unroll.

10) Do we care who wins Best Picture this year?

Let’s be honest about the nominations.

Despite all the hype, American Hustle frankly isn’t all that, even though I enjoyed Christian Bale’s Pakistani-Uncle-style comb-over and paunch.

The Wolf of Wall Street is too entertaining to win (what a pity).

Nebraska and Philomena remind me of screenings we nodded off to in film school.

12 Years A Slave, somehow, didn't move me much as compared to watching the Roots miniseries as a child.

Her might’ve been more interesting with a funny-girl voice like Mindy Kaling’s instead of the blonde bombshell brand of beauty we associate with Scarlett Johansson’s breathy tones.

And I still haven’t been able to bring myself to watch Dallas Buyer’s Club or Captain Philips because I don’t feel the need to.

9) Will Dylan Farrow’s harrowing accounts of being molested by Woody Allen affect Cate Blanchett’s chances of winning Best Actress in a Leading Role for Blue Jasmine?

Not likely. Although, Meryl Streep’s revelation that Walt Disney was anti-Semitic may have affected Emma Thompson’s chances for Saving Mr Banks.

8) Will Matthew McConaughey refrain from smoking up before his (highly likely) acceptance speech for Best Actor In A Leading Role?

“Alright, alright, alright” is a little more bearable than bizarre philosophies.


7) Will Jordan Catalano aka Jared Leto chop his hipster tresses for the red carpet and go back to his teen-idol looks from My So Called Life?

We wish! Anyone who drastically alters their onscreen appearance is a shoe-in to win Best Actor In A Supporting Role. From Nicole Kidman’s prosthetic nose in The Hours and Charlize Theron’s rough appearance in Monster to Christian Bale’s emaciated build in The Fighter. And Jared sure makes one hell of a beautiful tranny.

Jared Leto as the elusive Jordan Catalano in My So Called Life

6) Who will emerge victorious in the battle between Jennifer Law and Lupita Nyong’o over red carpet Prom Queen and the little gold statuette for Best Actress In A Supporting Role?

Methinks it’s Lupita’s year for both.

5) Will this (finally) be Leo’s year?

This is his third Oscar nomination as an Actor in a Leading Role, not counting his Supporting Actor nomination in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape back in his pre-Titanic years. Oh well, he can always seek solace elsewhere. Two words – Victoria’s Secret.


4) Will George Clooney bring a date or hover around Matt and Brad?

Hmmm, I’d say hover with his pals and mingle with his Gravity co-star Sandy Bullock, who will also be on her own.

3) Will Angelina stun us with or remain in boring black?

There’s always a 95 per cent chance of Angie dressing in black. Oh well, at least Brad’s shaved so it’s harder for him to ugly himself up.

Brangelina with Lupita at A 12 Years A Slave dinner on March 1. Source: Lupita Facebook page

Brangelina with Lupita at A 12 Years A Slave dinner on March 1. Source: Lupita Facebook page

 2) Will Julia Roberts show up after her half-sister’s suicide, who reportedly blamed Julia for her misery in her suicide note? 

Not likely. I won’t miss her megawatt toothy grin.

 1) Will Oscar’s host Ellen DeGeneres (age 56) hop around in Converse sneakers and boring pantsuits?

Undoubtedly! I miss Ricky Gervais and his politically incorrect Brit humour.

What do you think?

4:00am As if celebrities didn’t already get their pick of freebies from couture gowns to dazzling jewels, this year’s $85,000 Oscars goody bags for all nominees include a free hair transplant, tea, wine, vodka, mace, lollipops, a home Spa system, sessions with fitness coaches and nutritionists and trips to Vegas and Japan.

4:15am She may not be nominated for her performance in The Wolf of Wall Street, but her red carpet appearance is sure to be fantastic! The 23-year-old Aussie beauty, Margot Robbie has a strong sense of style and wears what flatters her.

Margot Robbie Source: Margot Robbie official Facebook page.

4:30am Musical performances at the Oscars sound like fun for once!

U2, Pharrell Williams and the hot favourite with every little girl under the age of 10, 'Let It Go' from Frozen performed by Glee's Idina's Menzel.

5:30am And so the glamour beings...

Kerry Washington is one beautiful pregnant woman with a long strapless gown fastened with a diamond pin.

Source: Vanity Fair

Naomi Watts stuns in white Calvin Klein and a geometric necklace.

Source: Vanity Fair

Matthew McConaughey looks dapper in a classic tux.

5:35am This is a night for stunning pregnant women. Olivia Wilde dazzles.

Source: Vogue

Cate Blanchett looks like she walked out of a 50s Hollywood film – a Grace Kelly kind of elegance.

Source: Vanity Fair

Anne Hathaway is wearing a black  gown with a metallic-looking bodice.

Source: Vogue

Jennifer Lawrence wears a red peplum dress by Dior with a diamond necklace draped along her back.

Source: Vogue

Handsome actors looking the opposite:

Michael Fassbender with a scraggly red beard.

Jared Leto decided not to get his hair cut and sports ombre highlights.

Source: Vanity Fair

5:50am Lupita is feminine in a pale blue chiffon. Her cleavage looks a little muscular though.

Source: Vanity Fair

Amy Adams is predictable in navy.

Source: Vanity Fair

Leo appears dapper and handsome as ever until you notice his goatee stubble.

Source: Vogue

6:12am The ceremony hasn't even started yet and Jennifer Lawrence is trippin'! Literally! Stumbling on the red carpet. That's why she's so likable!

6:30am Brangelina look fabulous! Angelina is a vision in glittery metallic with dramatic eyeliner.

Source: Vogue

6:40am Margot Robbie disappoints with strange makeup. Brunette hair doesn't do much for her either. Pretty girl made ugly.

Source: Vogue

Ellen starts her monologue...still not laughing.


7:20am Pharrel performs Happy from Despicable Me 2




Lupita Nyong'o wins Best Actress in a Supporting Role






And that's a wrap people!

There were some disappointments and some cheering! Over all, I think most of the people who won rightly deserved it!

But I still feel pretty bad for Leo! I guess better luck next time!

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