Girls don’t tell, boys don’t cry

One fine day, i’ll let you leave, until that day you shall grieve. But what will you tell them, when you’re free?

Sonal Arshad Siraj May 22, 2016
His hands were hard,

His voice was soft,

His eyes were red,

His teeth had rot,

I tried to run,

But he wouldn’t let me go,

I tried again,

But he just said no.


Then he smiled the most ugly smile,

Don’t you know, you silly child?

Girls don’t tell,

And boys don’t cry.


Another push, another blow,

He had me trapped,

I could not go,

One fine day, I’ll let you leave,

Until that day you shall grieve,

But what will you tell them, when you’re free?


He watched me as he made me lie,

Girls don’t tell,

And boys don’t cry.


He’s not here now,

But he has me still,

I dream his face,

His ghastly grin,

How his teeth had rot,

How his voice was soft,

But his hands were not,

It’ll take some time.


But I will be free,

Of everything,

That was done to me,

The day when the world asks us why,

Girls don’t tell,

And boys don’t cry.
Sonal Arshad Siraj A student of psychology and social sciences, who likes to eat and write in that order. She tweets @Sonal_arshad (
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Manoftruth | 8 years ago | Reply Most probably this can be the hands of Driver chacha or Cook uncle Those are pampered by female housewives....!! Amazed to see the culture in Pakistan an uneducated full of lust, Male house maids Roaming around, haven't seen this trend in west even.....,,
Faiz Mahmood | 8 years ago | Reply Sad but true Childrens molestation is one of the most serious issue not in just Pakistan but all over the world .. Which needs to be taken care of.. parents should have an eye on their children all the time ....! Other than that , its very well written , full of emotions
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