10 very plausible predictions about Game of Thrones Season 6

Tommen Baratheon will die and Margaery Tyrell will take over as queen of Westeros after Tommen’s death.

Faiq Lodhi May 06, 2016
Jon Snow came back to life, Brandon Stark got back in action, Brienne of Tarth saved Sansa Stark (finally), Roose Bolton and Balon Greyjoy (two of the most hated characters in the show) were killed, Tyrion Lannister got cozy with one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons and Melisandre turned out to be a 100-years-old.

Wow – what a thrill the past two weeks have been for GOT fans!

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The global sensation aired its first episode of Season 6 on April 24, 2016, and the producers made sure that its return was greeted with a BANG! The first two episodes, so far, have been power-packed and fast-paced; something which the previous season lacked until its last few episodes. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that now the story is no longer being dictated by the books, as the new GOT book is yet to be published and the show-runners have decided to take matters into their own hands.

Will they be as ruthless as George RR Martin in killing beloved characters and ending plotlines in complete hopelessness?

Will they change the plot and make it more commercially viable by following the gazillion fan theories that have sprouted over the past five years?

One cannot be sure about it.

However, the trailers, scenes and teasers that have been released so far hint that this season has a lot of juicy plots, and it will probably also answer the ever-prevalent fan theory of R + L = J (aka Jon Snow being a Targaryen).

But what else can we expect from this season, along with getting to know about Jon Snow’s parentage? Well, here is a list of predictions that I believe will unravel over the course of this on-going season.

1) Jorah Mormont will die

I don’t think this one is going to be much of a shocker. All of us know that Jorah Mormont believes himself to be an honourable man, and he would rather kill himself than turn into a Stone Man due to his Greyscale disease. My best guess is that he will die trying to save Daenerys from the Dothraki, which seems to be the most obvious and, in a way, poetic way for him to die. Whether his death will help Daenerys escape her captives is an entirely different scenario.

2) Davos Seaworth will die

Why, you ask?

Because he is one of the most beloved character in the show right now. And we all know what happens to the characters we love...

Alongside this, after Stannis’s (presumed) death and Jon Snow’s resuscitation (if you can call it that), his significance to the plot is almost negligible.

3) Tommen Baratheon will die

This one, too, is expected, because the witch predicted it when Cersei was young. However, the circumstances in which he dies, and who comes to the throne after him, are questions that one cannot answer with surety.

Photo: Game of Thrones Memes Facebook Page

4) Margaery will take over the throne

If I were to take a guess, I believe Margaery Tyrell will take over after Tommen’s death. She is the queen, after all, and since Tommen doesn’t have any children (which would be creepy if he did - he is still a kid himself!), there is no one next in line. Jamie cannot become king because of the oath he took whilst becoming part of the King’s Guard and Tyrion is nowhere in the picture. Plus Cersei would rather burn Westeros to the ground before Tyrion ever gets a chance to sit on that throne.

So, Margaery makes sense. Also, her grandmother, Olenna Tyrell, can help her remain in power, even with the opposition that would be expected from Cersei. Perhaps Little Finger (Peter Baelesh) could help, like he did with “taking care” of Joffery Baratheon. We do see a clip in the trailer where Margaery reaches out for the Grand Septor’s hand – so it’s not a completely far-fetched possibility. Besides, it is high time she became queen.

5) Cersei will back-stab Jamie

Now this one might seem a far cry for many, but Jamie hasn’t really been Cersei’s favourite person lately. For one, he raped her while her son lay dead right next to them. Second, he is sympathetic to Tyrion. Third, he was sent to bring Myrcella back safely, which he failed to do.

Hence, I cannot help but feel that Cersei will throw Jamie under the bus. How she will do it, I am not sure. She could get the Grand Septor to arrest him for the “sins” he has committed. Or, she might even get her zombie-soldier to kill him.

6) Dorne will wage war on Westeros

Elleria Sand didn’t take over the throne for nothing; she is fueled by revenge and killing Myrcella doesn’t seem enough for her. She will end up waging war on Westeros, being the impulsive lunatic that she is, and will probably lose it, burning Dorne down to ashes. There is a war scene in the trailers, with the Lannister sigil flag seen battered and burnt; could it be a war against Dorne? Perhaps.

7) Tyrion will build a connection with one of the dragons

I believe that producers are definitely going to explore the “Tyrion being the third head of the dragon” theory in this season. Perhaps they might even take it head on. For those of you who are unaware of that theory, they can read more about it here.

8) Drogon will go MIA on Daenerys, again

I think the predictable thing here is that Drogon will come for Daenerys’s rescue once again. But this show is anything but predictable. Therefore, I think for the most part of this season, Daenerys will be largely alone (or maybe accompanied by Dario Naharis, who might also be held captive in his attempt to save Daenerys).

9) Melisandre will influence Jon Snow to go to war

I know that for most people, Melisandre is the new hero of the series. But just because she brought Jon Snow back to life, doesn’t mean she has changed. This is the same woman who convinced Stannis to burn his own daughter in front of him. She can very easily influence, and even corrupt, Jon Snow into doing things that might not be expected of him.

Another reason why Melisandre will be relentless in her efforts to make Jon Snow the Azor Ahai is because, now that Jon has been revived, he isn’t bound by his oath at the Night’s Watch (which forbade him from marrying or taking up a title). He has a clean slate now and Melisandre has him right where she wanted. Plus, if Jon really is a Targaryen (R+L=J), Melisandre has hit the jackpot. My guesses are that the first thing she would urge him to do is go to war with Ramsay Bolton and take back Winterfell. Jon has an army of Wildlings by his side and if Sansa joins him, two Starks coming to Winterfell would definitely bring more troops from the North in their favour (since the North remembers). This is quite plausible because, in the trailer, we see soldiers wearing the Stark sigil on their armor, standing behind Sansa.

On a side note, I really hope somebody kills Ramsay Bolton – in the most painful way possible…

10) Arya will leave Bravos

Lastly, I believe Arya Stark will leave Bravos to pursue her revenge list. She might get her a** kicked for some time at the House of Black and White, but once she gets the hang of fighting with her blindness, she will have little reason to stay at Bravos. Plus, she still has her sword hidden away, and that is a constant reminder of who she is. She will never be able to forget herself and just be ‘a girl’.

So there you have it; 10 possible plot twists that might come our way this season, according to my view. How many of these actually come true, only time will tell.

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